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  1. On your computer create a new section on this page using the form below (it will be pre-filled with the questions for you to respond to).
  2. Fill in your feedback about the prototype in your newly created section.
  3. Hit publish

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We want to help effective communication between users in the Wikipedia Android app to improve Wikipedia. Our goal is to create a simple and better communication interface to lower barriers for working with other Wikipedians and increase confidence while improving the wikis.


1. When do you want to communicate with other users on Wikipedia? In what kind of situations? Please select one or multiple answers below.

a) When undoing (reverting) an edit

b) When improving an article

c) When noticing a helpful edit

d) When patrolling content

e) Reviewing pages on my watchlist

f) Inviting other users to questions

g) When I want to talk about policy or big decisions

h) Other (please provide more info)

2. Describe how you got to the point of communicating in one or multiple of the situations above.

3. Besides talk pages, what tools do you use to communicate with other editors in- and outside of Wikipedia? And how do you use these tools?

4. Should user and article talk pages work and look the same or differently? Why?

5. Which of the three variants do you prefer to go to an article talk page?

6. Why do you prefer the variant you chose to go to the article talk page? Please describe.

7. Which of the three variants do you prefer to view an article talk page?

8. Why do you prefer the variant you chose to view an article talk page? Please describe.

9. Which of the three variants do you prefer to go to your user talk page in the app?

10. Which of the two variants below do you prefer to search for other users on Wikipedia?

Variant A: Searching users via the main search field of the app. Users can be searched by typing a User: prefix before the username.

Variant B: Searching users via a special field to find users in a new Wikipedia community area of the app. In the screens below, we call the new area in the app “Community”. Users can be searched by directly typing the username.

11. Imagine one of your recent contributions on Wikipedia was undone, because it contained information from an unreliable source. The user who undid the edit also left a message on your user talk page. You get a notification about the revert and the message on your talk page. You tap the revert notification and find yourself on the diff view, which displays differences between article edits. Which of the three variants do you prefer in the described scenario?

12. We are currently thinking about adopting reply functionality that has been introduced on Desktop Wikipedia . How do you feel about the reply functionality on Desktop? Is there other functionality you would like to see on article and user talk pages for the Android app?

Reply functionality for talk pages on Desktop Wikipedia (Talk pages project/Replying - MediaWiki)

13. Please watch this prototype video of suggested responses when replying to other users on a talk page and answer the following questions:

a) Please tell us about your first impression.

b) What other functionality you would like to see here?

c) What common phrases do use when communicating and which ones would like to see pre-populated?

14. We are curious about what other communication functionality you would like to see in the Wikipedia for Android app. Please rank the following feature ideas by your personal priority:

  1. Private messaging: Send private messages to other users directly on Wikipedia, e.g. with a non-public direct messaging system. Here is some inspiration from other services:
  2. Chat rooms: A space to meet and interact with other Wikipedia users in your area or grouped by interest. Here is some inspiration from other services:
  3. Onboarding to talk pages for newcomers: Educate and guidance to new users about “What are talk pages?” What are talk pages used for?” or “Where do I find talk pages?”
  4. Visual editing and no code on Mobile: More intuitive usage of talk pages, e.g. by featuring inline replies, e.g. contextual/custom Wiki keyboards for better ergonomics, improved handling of typing in multiple languages
  5. Archiving of sections, e.g. allow users to close sections
  6. Voice input: a more voice input driven approach to communicate on Wikipedia, e.g. listen to messages, create audio messages via dictation, voice calls with other users or better speech recognition to better support typing with voice.

15. Can you tell us more about why you made the choices in the previous question?

16. Do you have other feature ideas related to communication for the Android app?

17. Thanks for participating, we appreciate it! Please use this space here to provide any further comments.

Research questions[edit]

  • When do users want to communicate with other users on Wikipedia?
  • What other tools do people use to communicate outside of Wikipedia?
  • How do users prefer to access user talk pages?
  • How do users prefer to access article talk pages?
  • Do users desire to look up other users on Wikipedia?
  • How can edits discussions be made more efficiently for users?