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This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedia Apps/Android FAQ and the translation is 100% complete.
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アプリはGoogle Play Store に掲載されています: Play Store アプリを開き、「Wikipedia」を検索してください。

お使いのデバイスが Google のサービスを使えない場合、サードパーティのアプリストア、たとえば F-Droid を探すか、最新の APK を直接、ダウンロードします。


ウィキペディア アプリでは、コンテンツの検索・閲覧を最適かつ能率的に行うことができます。 専らこのアプリを使用することで、データ使用量を抑えた状態でさらに記事の読み込みを高速化できます。 また、お好きな Android アプリとの間で、より信頼性が高く安定した連携を行うこともできます。 「後で読むリスト」にページを保存する、記事中のコンテンツや画像をお好きなソーシャル メディア アプリで共有するなどウェブ版ウィキペディアでは使用できない機能も追加されています。


You can donate at any time by going to the "More" menu in the main screen and selecting Support Wikipedia. Unfortunately we cannot currently accept donations using Google Pay, or using your Google Store credits.


I already donated; why I am getting asked to donate again?

Due to our strict privacy guidelines, we don't actually connect your app usage or user account to your donation history. This means you may see a donation request in the app even if you have previously donated on the web.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use the app?

You do need a connection to download articles, and to use the Explore feed. However, if you save articles to your reading lists, they will be available for later reading, even without an internet connection.


このアプリはバージョン 5.0 (Lollipop) 以降の Android で使えます。

2020年1月をもって、Android 4.4 (KitKat) 以前のバージョンにおけるアプリのサポートを終了しました。 ご使用のデバイスが Android 4.3 以前の場合、Play ストアからアプリのダウンロードは可能ですが、重大なバグ・脆弱性に対する例外的対応を除き、アップデートは提供されませんのでご了承ください。

General features


You can search Wikipedia from any of these locations in the app:

  • From the Explore feed in the main screen, by tapping the "Search Wikipedia" box at the top.
  • By tapping the "Search" icon in the bottom toolbar in the main screen.
  • While reading an article, by tapping the "Search" icon in the top toolbar.
  • Device-2020-10-26-094348.png
  • Device-2020-10-26-094458.png

Search within an article

From the top-right menu (three dots), select "Find in page". You will be able to type text to search within the current article, and the search results will be automatically highlighted and scrolled into view.

Explore feed

The home screen of the app features a feed of recommended content for reading. Each "card" in the feed represents a single article, or a short list of articles, for you to read. The types of cards you might find in the feed (depending on their language availability) include:

  • ニュースより: 直近のイベントの記事。
  • 話題の記事︰その日最も訪れられた記事(総閲覧回数に基づく)。
  • 秀逸な記事︰その日のウィキペディアの選り抜き記事。
  • 今日の一枚: ウィキメディア・コモンズのその日の選り抜き写真。
  • 続けて読む︰タブ内で開かれている記事をすぐに見返す。
  • Because you read︰最近読んだ記事に基づいて提案される短いリスト。
  • 今日は何の日: 歴史上、この日に起こった出来事。
  • おまかせ表示︰ランダムに選ばれた記事を開く。
  • 今日の記事︰本家ウィキペディアのメインページを開く。
  • 今日は何の日: 歴史上、この日に起こった出来事。

How can I customize the feed?

If you don't want to see a particular card in the Explore feed, you can tap the overflow menu on that card (three dots at the top-right), and tap "Hide this card".

You may also tap the overflow menu on any card (three dots at the top-right) and select the "Customize the feed" option, which will allow you to choose which types of cards to show, the order in which they will appear, and the languages for which they will be shown.


Reading lists and offline reading

To save an article for later reading, tap the "bookmark" icon in the bottom toolbar:


This will automatically make the article available for reading offline, i.e. even when you are not connected to the internet. When you bookmark articles, they are saved to a default reading list called "Saved", but you can also create different reading lists of your own, and categorize your saved articles however you like.

リストに保存した記事はあとで読めるよう、既定でオフラインで表示できます。 もし特定の記事をオフラインで表示したくない場合は「あとで読むリスト」を開き、その記事を長押しします。 すると記事の処理の一覧が表示され、「オフラインで利用」のチェックボックスを探します。 メイン画面の「保存」→「すべての記事」をタップすると保存しておいた記事をすべて表示します。

  • Device-2020-10-26-093954.png
  • Device-2020-10-26-094157.png
  • Device-2020-10-26-094227.png

When you are logged in to the app, your reading lists are automatically synchronized to your Wikipedia account, so that your lists will be restored if you install the app on a different device, or uninstall/reinstall it on the same device. Your reading lists will also be available if you log in to the iOS version of the app. However, at the moment your reading lists are not accessible from the desktop or mobile web version of the Wikipedia website.

Readability and themes

When reading an article, tap the "Theme" button in the bottom toolbar. There you will see numerous options, including:

  • Increase or decrease the text size for reading articles.
  • Change the color theme between Light, Sepia, Dark, or Black. (The Black theme is particularly useful for devices with an OLED display, since it will save battery power by keeping most pixels black.)
  • Whether to "Match system theme". Since Android itself now supports a light and dark theme, the app can automatically adjust to the system setting. If you do not want to match the system theme (i.e. if you want to use the Dark theme in the app, but keep the device in the Light theme, you'll need to unselect "Match system theme").
  • Whether to dim images. When using the Dark or Black theme, dimming images may be an additional benefit for distraction-free reading.

In-article conveniences

  • Tap the "Contents" button at the bottom (or swipe from right to left anywhere in the article) to see the table of contents for the current article. Tap on any section in the table of contents to jump to that section in the article.
  • Tap on references (superscript numbers) to see a popup that describes the reference in detail.
  • Tap any image to view it full-screen; pinch to zoom the image, or swipe left or right to view other images that appear in the article.
  • Device-2020-10-26-100303.png
  • Device-2020-10-26-100200.png
  • Device-2020-10-26-100135.png



記事の編集を開始するには、記事の節見出しの 1 つの横にある「鉛筆」アイコンをタップします。 Note that some articles are protected from being edited by anonymous users or users with too few edits.

ウィキペディアの記事は MediaWiki の書式 (別名 ウィキテキスト) を使用して整形されることにご注意ください。 When you edit a section of an article in the app, the wikitext syntax will be automatically highlighted to assist with formatting.

  • Device-2020-10-27-083912.png
  • Device-2020-10-27-085042.png
いいえ。アカウントを作成したりログインしたりしなくても編集できますが、IP アドレスは編集内容に関連付けられ、記事の編集履歴を閲覧するすべての人に表示されることにご注意ください。
記事やトーク ページの編集履歴を閲覧できますか?
現在、アプリではこれをサポートしていません。 記事の最下部までスクロールすると、その記事の編集履歴やノートページへのリンクをタップできます。するとご利用の既定のウェブブラウザでリンク先が開きます。

Suggested edits

If you are keen to start making contributions to Wikipedia, the app provides you with various types of editing suggestions, presented as a continuous feed that you can swipe through. Go to the main screen of the app and tap the "Edits" button at the bottom to see the types of suggested edits that are available. These include:

  • Article descriptions: Add short descriptions to articles that are missing descriptions. These descriptions are shown when searching Wikipedia on your desktop or mobile device, and in various places in the app.
  • Image captions: Add captions to images on Wikimedia Commons that are missing captions. These captions are shown when tapping on images in articles to view them full-screen.
  • Image tags: Add tags to images on Wikimedia Commons. These tags will be used to make images more searchable and better structured.
  • Device-2020-10-26-095406.png
  • Device-2020-10-26-095609.png
  • Device-2020-10-26-095936.png

Contribution history

You can view your own contribution history by going to the main screen and tapping the "Edits" button at the bottom. This will show you the total number of edits you've made so far, your current edit quality (based on how many of your edits were reverted), among other statistics. To see more details about each of your previous contributions, tap on the statistics card. This will show a full-screen list of each of your edits.



If you are logged in to your account, you can receive notifications about your account activity. These notifications will automatically pop up along with other system notifications in your device's status bar. The types of actions for which notifications are sent include:

  • Message(s) left on your User Talk page.
  • Another user thanking you for an edit you made.
  • One of your edits being reverted.
  • Security notices regarding your account.

To see all of your current notifications, tap the "More" button at the bottom of the main screen, and select "Notifications".


To choose which notifications pop up in your system status bar, tap the overflow menu (three dots) in the Notifications screen, and select "Notification preferences".

You can mark a notification as "read" by tapping on it, and selecting "Mark read and archive". You may also view all of your archived notifications by tapping the overflow menu (three dots) in the Notifications screen, and selecting "View archived".


If the app does not seem to be receiving notifications correctly, please consider these suggestions:

  • Make sure that you are logged in to your account in the app. Try logging out and back in.
  • Make sure you have notifications enabled in the app. Go to the Notifications screen (from the "More" menu on the main screen), then tap the overflow menu at the top right, then select "Notification preferences". Make sure that the "Poll notifications" option is turned on.
  • Make sure you haven't denied the app to show notifications from the system status bar. Android allows you to selectively allow and deny notifications to be shown from any app that tries to show them. To make sure that the Wikipedia app is allowed to show notifications, go to your system Settings, then go to "Apps and Notifications", then look for the "Notifications" selection. This should show you a list of all apps that could show notifications, along with a switch to enable or disable notifications for that app. Make sure that the switch is enabled for Wikipedia.


Wikipedia content exists in more than 300 languages, and you can select one or more of those languages to be used in the app.

When the app is first installed, it defaults to the system language of your device. If you have more than one keyboard language installed, the app should automatically detect those languages and add them to its list of languages.

=== ウィキペディアの言語を設定または変更 ===

To change the Wikipedia language, go to the "More" menu in the main screen, tap "Settings", then select "Wikipedia languages". From there you can add, remove, and rearrange your preferred languages. (Your topmost language will be used by default when searching Wikipedia.)

  • Device-2020-10-26-094528.png
  • Device-2020-10-26-094542.png


When reading an article, you can tap the "Language" button in the bottom toolbar to see other languages in which this article is available. (Note that not all articles will be available in all languages.)


このアプリは私を追跡しますか? 私のデータを利用しますか?

Yes, some of your actions within the app are tracked, so that we can continue to improve our features. Sending usage reports can be deactivated by going to "Settings", which can be accessed from the "More" menu in the main screen, and unchecking "Send usage reports".

クラッシュレポートを取得してバグ修正に使います。これは使用状況のレポートとは別のものです。 クラッシュを検知すると、レポートを自動で送信し原因解明と修正に使います (これがなくてはやっていけません!) 収集したデータはすべて匿名化されます。 クラッシュのレポートを無効にするには、「設定」を開き、「クラッシュレポートを送信する」のチェックを外します。



さまざまな種類のデータで構成され、その内訳は イベントログページをご参照ください。 一例として検索するときに文字の入力から結果が表示されるまでの時間差、あるいはまた「共有」ボタンを押した回数、フォントの大きさを大きくしたり小さくしたりしたかどうかなどです。 アプリのクラッシュ通知に利用するサービスは AppCenter といいます。 クラッシュの報告を送ってくださるときに (ぜひそうしていただきたいところです!) どのコードがクラッシュの原因か (アクティブなスレッドすべてのスタックをトラックする) 、また Android のバージョンやデバイスのタイプなど診断情報が報告に含まれます。 データを使っても利用者個人を特定することはできません。 これを使う目的は利用者の関わり方をよりよく理解するためで、アプリが提供する機能の改善と提供の道筋を示してくれます。



この許諾は Android バージョン 6.0 (Marshmallow) 以前に限って必要でした。 Android 6.0 以上ではこの許諾は必須ではありません。


アプリ利用者は、閲覧した画像をローカルの機器に保存することができるため、この許可が必要です。 またアプリが一時的に複数の画像を保存し、他の機器に共有できるようにしているため、許可が必要です(事実の共有と同様。)

この許可は Android の古いバージョン限定で求められます。

どうしてアプリはネットワークのフルアクセスの許可を求めるのですか(ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, ACCESS_WIFI_STATE)?

アプリはこの許可を得ると、利用者のネットワーク接続の状態と品質を判断し、パフォーマスの特定の要素を調整します (例えば接続制限に対応して画像を低品質に切り替えるなど)。

どうしてアプリはスタートアップ許可 (ブート完了) (RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED) が必要なのですか?

アプリが提供する機能では、利用者のウィキペディアのアカウントについて機器に通知が届きます。それは利用者が編集した記事、利用者トークページに投稿されたメッセージ、他の編集者から寄せられた感謝などを含みます。 これを有効にするには、アカウントにログインして送信許可の要求にチェックを入れます。 通知を検知するサービスは背景で走っており、お使いのデバイスそのものが再スタートした時は自動で再始動する必要があります。 このため、皆さんの機器が基本のブートアップをしたイベントをアプリは受信する必要があります。 もしも通知の送信許可の要求機能を無効にした場合、スタートアップの許可は他の目的にはいっさい使われません。



Does the app require Google services?

No, Google Play Services are not required for the app to work properly. However, when they are available, the app will use Google services for certain features, such as push notifications. No user information or personal data is sent to Google.


I'm blocked from logging in or editing, what should I do?

If you have not made any edits to Wikipedia, but still find yourself blocked from logging in, creating an account, or making edits, it probably means that your IP address has been blocked, not "you" specifically. When you use your device on a mobile network, or on a shared WiFi connection, your IP address may be shared with many other users. These other users might have made unconstructive edits to Wikipedia, which resulted in blocking the IP address. Sometimes an entire range of IP addresses might be blocked, and your IP address might simply fall into that range. Also, public proxies and VPNs are generally blocked, too. If your IP address is blocked, try joining a different WiFi network.

Note that the Wikimedia Foundation does not administer the blocking of IP addresses; instead, this work is done by a global community of volunteers and administrators. For information about blocking and appealing a block on English Wikipedia, please see the information page at Help! I've Been Blocked.

My edits are being reverted / I disagree with certain administrative actions.

There is no central authority over Wikipedia. The Wikimedia movement is based in part on the premise that good articles are achievable through the checks and balances editors provide for each other. When editors disagree on how to achieve these goals, they must resolve disputes through consensus, drawing on the wider community where necessary. You can read more about the dispute resolution processes on English Wikipedia at w:en:WP:DR.

How do I report a typo or other error in an article?

Wikipedia is the world's largest encyclopedia that anyone can edit! If you see a typo or other error in an article, click the "pencil" icon or highlight any text and tap "Edit here" from the popup menu. This will show the wikitext of the article which you can then edit and save.

If you make lots of edits, we recommend you log in to your account, so that you can keep track of your work, talk to other editors and join the worldwide Wikimedia community.

I see vandalism in an article. What should I do?

If you see text or images in an article that are clearly vandalism, you can always edit the article by tapping the "pencil" icon to the right of the article section that contains the vandalism. You can then remove the offending text and publish the edited content.


I see information that is biased or factually incorrect. What should I do?

If you see text in an article that may be incorrect, biased, or generally low-quality, you can join the discussion about that article on the corresponding Talk page for the article. You can access the Talk page by scrolling near the bottom and tapping the "View talk page" link.



Reporting bugs

  • If the app crashes, it will automatically send a crash report to us, assuming you haven't disabled crash reporting in Settings.
  • If you see a bug (not a crash) or have a suggestion or feature request, you can send us feedback here.

Who develops the Android app?

Check out our team page to learn more.

I am an Android developer. May I contribute?

Of course! Check out our app hacking page.

Getting in touch

For any other inquiries, please email us at: mobile-android-wikipedia @ wikimedia.org