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Quick start with Docker[edit]


We’ve put together a set of machines in Docker that should have you up and running in no time. This configuration starts an empty instance of Wikibase, a MediaWiki front end with query interface, a query backend, ElasticSearch, and a QuickStatements bulk editing service.

Before you start[edit]

  • You’ll need to have docker and docker-compose installed on the computer where you want to run your Wikibase instance.
  • Together, these Docker machines require at least 4GB of memory.
  • An empty Wikibase running on Docker requires at minimum 6GB of disk storage.

Getting the machine images running[edit]

  1. Download the docker-compose file and place it on the computer where Docker Engine and docker-compose are installed.
  2. In the directory that now contains the docker-compose.yml file, run the following to pull the needed Docker machine images: sudo docker-compose pull
  3. Start the machine images in the background: sudo docker-compose up -d (To view the continuous output, you can run sudo docker-compose logs -f)
  4. Verify that all the services have started.
    1. Run sudo docker-compose ps. You should see eight images in an “Up” state.
    2. Check the logs for success or errors – for example, using this command: sudo docker-compose logs --tail="20" -t
    3. Try to load the front end and the query interface in your browser (see below).

Using your new instance[edit]

Once all the services have started, you can begin the exciting process of filling up, extending and customizing your empty instance of Wikibase. Take a look at our setup resources page to get started.