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fy-N It Frysk is de memmetaal fan dizze meidogger.
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You can find my global user page on meta. I can also be found under the same name on on wikitech. Here, I mainly focus on pages in the API namespace, MediaWiki core technical documentation, my own extensions, as well as some translations to Dutch. Oh, and I patrol Special:RecentChanges very frequently, so spammers, vandals, and malicious editors beware!

I consider myself to have a fair knowledge of MediaWiki (core) and its extensions, mostly on the back-end. Most of the time I can either help you or point you to the relevant documentation, so if you have a question, feel free to ask me!

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 [17:40] <mainframe98> tgr: If it's in core, then I suppose it won't do much harm in an extension. Thank you!
 [17:40] <CFisch_WMDE> :-D
 [17:41] <CFisch_WMDE> That's a quite useful excuse! "If it's done in core, it won't do much harm in an extension!" :-D