Installing MediaWiki on Windows Server 2016[edit]

Moved to Manual:Installing MediaWiki on Windows Server 2016.

User box building[edit]

See Template:User autopatrolled

API Action preload template[edit]


{{TNT|Api help|{{{m|}}}}}
[[Category:MediaWiki API{{Translation}}]]</onlyinclude>



Bundled Extension Notice[edit]

{{note|1=This extension [[MediaWiki {{{1|}}}#Bundled extensions|comes with MediaWiki {{{1|}}}]] and above. Thus you do not have to download it again.}}
<includeonly>[[Category:Extensions Bundled with MediaWiki]]</includeonly>

API Edit test[edit]

Content goes here.

Toolserver pages approach[edit]


User pages[edit]

Listed on Special:PrefixIndex/Toolserver:User:
  1. Determine
    1. Determine if the page is not a redirect
    2. Determine if user exists here
    3. Determine if user has user page here
    4. Determine if user had subpages on toolserver
  2. Act
    1. If User exists:
      • Move Toolserver user page to User:<USERNAME>/Toolserver page
    2. If User has user pages
      • Move Toolserver user subpages to User:<USERNAME>/Toolserver page/<PAGENAME>


Listed on Special:PrefixIndex/Toolserver:File:

Files are moved to Toolserver:File:<FILENAME>, but this caused the image to be lost; these pages do not serve any purpose anymore and aren't used (seeing that there is no image to link to. Some have been imported from commons and can be link fixed. Requires per-case analyses.


Listed on Special:PrefixIndex/Toolserver:Template:

Please note that

Extension API documentation organisation proposal pre-draft[edit]

  • One category: MediaWiki Extension API
  • Located on Extension:NAME/API
  • Field in Template:Extension for link to API with category Extensions with documented API

To do[edit]

Small list to bridge until able do this all at once,

Relevant Extension:Translate links[edit]

  • read
  • create
  • edit
  • patrol
  • protect
  • move
  • move-target
  • move-subpages
  • delete
  • editcontentmodel
  • undelete
  • upload
  • pagelang - Note: This hook is curently not called for changing the page language, see T160783.
  • bigdelete
  • rollback
  • deletedhistory


Phabricator MediaWiki-Vagrant role[edit]

Place this on Phabricator or something

Extension amount calculation[edit]

Amount of documented extensions
Amount of archived extensions
Percentage of extension archived


Quick phab notes while working on phab:T198552[edit]

  • When a task has been assigned a point value on creation, and this value is removed, there is no way to find out what that value was. The removal message should say what the previous value was.

Installing SQL Server with PHP on Windows Server 2016[edit]

This aims at a dev-env, not a production environment.

  1. Obtain SQL Server. Do yourself a favor and get the development or evaluation version. Express is stated not to work and is best kept away from.
  2. Set up IIS and PHP according to Manual:Installing MediaWiki on Windows Server 2016.
    • You may skip enabling the database related extensions in php.ini since we're adding MSSQL specific later anyways.
  3. Obtain the Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server from
  4. Run the installer to extract the files somewhere.
  5. Move the PHP extensions to the ext/ folder in the PHP installation folder.
  6. Add extension loading lines for the dll's you've added to php.ini.
    • For the non thread-safe 64 bit version of PHP 7.2, you would need to add:

Under discussion at Topic:Vok6n52n7pzzsfnl.

(page_namespace == 0) &
(page_id == 0) &
(user_editcount < 10) &
!(user_name contains "(WMF)") &
!(lcase(new_wikitext) rlike "#redirect")

!(user_name contains "(WMF)") could be replaced with !(user_name rlike "\((WMF|WMDE|WMSE)\)") for WMDE/WMSE support.

<hr> gives:


  1. Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; no text was provided for refs named DoesNotExist

AbuseLog entry to use when creating a filter to prevent empty user right requests[edit]


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