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Event Contact:
Mail: sumanah at wikimedia dot org

Thanks for your great interviews with Victor and Matthew!

The Wikimedia Foundation is collecting stories from Wikipedia programmers, designers, users, editors and donors from around the world to better represent who Wikipedia is. Telling your story makes Wikipedia better.

Meet the community.

"If you're lost, I'll help you find help and a neat project."

"I love writing code and I can help you get started. Everyone in the MediaWiki community is super friendly. Including me!"

"I don't code to code, I write code to get stuff done."

"I am more metal than you."

Want to share your story here? Talk to us!

Links to info to get you started.

A big thank you to everyone for an amazing hackathon!

January 20-22, 2012; we brought together Wikipedia's senior coders with new developers to build applications running in Wikipedia itself, on mobile devices, or based on Wikipedia's content and data. Summary blog entry.

See the fantastic projects and more photos and videos

At the Hackathon
Erik talks about The Day We Turned Off Wikipedia

This is a free event put on by the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit that runs Wikipedia. You'll get a brief overview of all the key technologies you need, and then you'll have a weekend to build something amazing and make it open source. At the end, show it off and take the next step to get it running on our servers. Join us Friday night for drinks and conversations, and get ready for a weekend of coding. Food and drinks provided.


Topics for the Hackathon.

We'll introduce you to the following:

Tutorials will be recorded and linked here.

We're looking for projects in the following themes:

  • Read: Anything that improves the reader experience, by presenting Wikipedia content in novel ways;
  • Contribute: New ways to contribute content, e.g. micro-contribution apps on mobile devices;
  • Analyze: Come up with novel visualizations, reports, and analysis that leverages openly available content and data.

But we're very open to your ideas as well; make a pitch at the event!

Wikimedia organizes hackathons all year, around the world. Previous hackathon events were held in Mumbai, India Nov 19&20, 2011, Brighton, UK Nov 18-20, 2011, NOLA, USA Oct 14-16, 2011, Berlin, Germany May 13-15, 2011, Amsterdam, Netherlands Jan 14, 2011, Washington DC, USA Oct 22–24, 2010.

SF attendees will include:
Hackathon logo
Hackathon logo

» January 20:
Introductions and Drinks
» January 21:
Overviews and Hacking
» January 22:
Hacking and Showcase

See you soon!
Read our friendly space policy


pariSoma is a coworking and hacking space in downtown San Francisco, California USA.

Parisoma is wheelchair accessible from a side door (that might be locked unless especially opened for you) and the first floor is flat and accessible with wide corridors between tables.


Friday JAN 20
1800–1830 Registration
1830–1915 Introductions
1915–2000 Project pitches
2000–2130 Conversation & drinks
Saturday JAN 21
1000–1330 Basics overviews (MediaWiki, web API, mobile, and JS/gadgets)
1330–1430 Lunch at pariSoma
1430 Labs & Toolserver talk (big room)
day & night Hacking
1830–2000 Meet the Foundation mixer at Don Ramon's
2000–2100 Dinner at pariSoma
Sunday JAN 22
1000–1300 Hacking
1300–1430 Lunch at pariSoma
1430–1515 Showcase
1515–1600 Hacking
1600–1615 Awards & photos

The schedule is mostly set but might shift.

More Connections

Hashtag #wpsfhack
IRC #mediawiki on FreeNode

More information
Foundation: Visiting San Francisco
Information may be updated as the event date approaches.