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Those two talks that Andre sometimes gives at conferences. And anybody else can do that do!

Overview to Wikimedia Tech[edit]

Text based on phab:T106753.

Before giving the talk, try to find out who is attending the event and has knowledge in specific areas. Mention names for each area. Be able to either point to these people if in the audience, or try to find and show photos of these people, to make it easier for attendees to find the people to talk to for a certain area.

An Introduction to and an Overview of Wikimedia Tech: Technical areas (coding, compared to e.g. readers and authors), Infrastructure, and Communication.

  • This talk only provides pointers and ideas. This presentation is not "hands-on". It's up to you to explore and create. Happy to answer questions, happy to connect you to people.
  • Wikimedia is big - many projects/sites, many languages, many areas to contribute to.
  • Content and code is free - it can also be used outside of the Wikimedia movement. Your technical contributions may benefit this wide community of communites, not just Wikimedia.
  • (If there are people in the room who are knowledgeable in an area, point them out!)
  • Overview graphic of areas:

List of potential links to open in the web browser[edit]

(List needs reordering and clearer focusing.)

Introduction to Wikimedia Phabricator[edit]

This is an outline for a 50-60min talk/presentation to introduce Phabricator. It is based on phab:T102195. Before the talk, optionally prepare a web browser bookmarks folder to quickly open any tabs. Concentrate on these aspects: Find, follow, file/report.

  • Social and organizational introduction:
    • Developers needs tools: Code repository browsing (which code we currently have), Code change Review (for proposed code changes; Gerrit; soon in Phab), Bugs and feature requests ("tasks"; the main topic here), on-wiki, IRC, mailing lists (~Tech 101 talk)
    • Different roles ("stakeholders"?) of people collaborating in Phab: Users like readers, authors, translators, devs/engineers, designers, doc writer, rel mgmt/testers, product managers. Different people have different views, e.g. on setting priorities.
  • Content of talk:
    • What Phabricator does, how Phabricator is used, Questions+Answers. Lots of information ahead, as Phabricator is pretty powerful.
  • Login and Registration
    • mw:Phabricator
    • Phabricator frontpage -> Several applications on the left -> Maniphest, Diffusion, Differential (Forge, well-integrated applications)
    • Ask audience: Hands up: Who has seen Phab before / has an account? Register now if you have a device!
    • Create/log into account ->, done via SUL/OAuth (no separate password!)
    • Log into Phab; in the upper right corner
    • Everybody has a user profile. It links to the profile on
  • File (create) a task
    • Imagine our thumbnail problem was not reported yet
    • Go to task creation form in the upper right corner by clicking the "Plus"
    • On task creation form, click top link to see How to report a bug guidelines (to just show that)
    • Enter Summary and Steps to reproduce, Actual outcome, Expected outcome
    • Try to add tags / projects by guessing
      • Entering "Thumbnail" does not show any dropdown proposals
      • Try "File" or "Media" to find "media-storage" or "file-management" proposed in the dropdown
    • Click "Create task" or not (if you do, merge it as a duplicate later please or close as invalid)
  • Misc other stuff (only mention, do not show?)
    • (optional and advanced more stuff:) Code browsing in Diffusion:
    • (optional and advanced more stuff:) "Conpherence" application for private or public conversation rooms (similar to on-wiki discussions on talk pages);
    • (optional and advanced more stuff:) Tokens and memes for some fun;
    • (optional and advanced more stuff:) "Spaces" for security / private projects - default access restrictions
    • Customize your frontpage workboard by adding/creating dashboards and default items in the left pane; example: by Reading Web Team
    • Show mw:Phabricator/Help
  • Finding and following - Interests
    • Imagine that you see a technical problem on Wikipedia, e.g. a broken thumbnail. That is a misbehavior of the software (MediaWiki and extensions) on Wikimedia sites, hence a bug to report in Phabricator.
    • You can share URLs of custom query/saved searches
      • Try again by going to global Phabricator search in upper corner
      • Phabricator search scope: "Tasks" only
      • now search for "File:USBLS_Bulletin_2316;_Technological_Change_and_Its_Labor_Impact_in_Four_Industries_(1988).pdf" in Phabricator
      • hopefully get a list (one entry) of search results with phab:T127914 in the results
      • Open that task
  • Task view
    • Look at task and explain its meta fields, e.g. 'assignee', 'priority' (set by team or developer or works on it); but cover "Projects" later below
    • Following your personal interests (2): I'm interested in updates/progress on that task, hence I click "Subscribe" on that task
    • Notifications via email or in web (upper corner); settings for it are fine-grained - following stuff you are interested in
    • Add a comment that makes sense, e.g. "I just tried on en.wp and cannot reproduce this anymore" and change status to "declined" or "resolved" - cf. mw:Bug_management/How_to_triage
    • (optional and advanced more stuff:) Who is that person? User pages in Phabricator
  • Projects
    • Have a single task open.
    • Task can be in several projects at the same time
    • Projects are Tags, Baskets to organize work; e.g. by code repository, or by functionality parts, or by a team
    • Click "Project": That goes to workboard (Make sure there is one - some projects have no or empty workboards)
    • Most Projects have workboards with columns
    • A task is shown as a card here
    • You can have your own project if you are a developer (ask for it in a task!)
    • Usecases for managing a project, if you maintain yourself: Workboard and no emails or spreadsheet/table or talk page, task tracking search, collaboration with others.
    • Fields like Priority (color on the side) and Assignee (small image) are shown here too!
    • Can change/filter which tasks are shown and their order in the upper corner
    • Example:
    • Following your personal interests (3): Projects have Members -> Get notifications for all changes of tasks in that project -> Watch etc -- if you are a very interested user, developer, or maintainer of that project
    • (optional and advanced:) Herald rules: Advanced notifications with conditions/criteria
    • Following your personal interests (4): List of specific tasks that I'm interested in, subjective and personal criteria: "Flags" like bookmarks, Watchlist-alike. But: Finding those tasks that I have flagged again is not obvious, need to know or need to have added it to my side bar.


Session slides by other people which might come handy at some point: