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Summary by Michael Schönitzer (WMDE)

An option to disable the feature has been added.

Tacsipacsi (talkcontribs)

How can I get rid of this “feature”? When it was in beta, I turned it on, and then turned off within a minute. It may be useful for beginners, but not for power users like me. It takes up half of the screen by showing options and checkboxes I will hardly ever use. It loads for seconds after the full page load (meaning I will click on a completely different link if I’m unlucky enough), because it uses JavaScript for a purpose for which static HTML-based version could be a solution. I will simply not use its fancy tools, because typing the appropriate prefix is much faster, and I don’t want to waste my resources for it.

Stjn (talkcontribs)

Bad loading speed of this tool was raised before without any real resolution from the team working on the tool. It doesn’t matter, though: yet again, Wikimedia Germany ignores any concerns from non-German users and pushes through their wishes without asking other communities.

Igel B TyMaHe (talkcontribs)

Same question. How to turn it off when it will have implemented?

Kyykaarme (talkcontribs)

I can't find a way to turn it off in de-wiki so that's not a good sign. The mass message was sent about 24 hours ago and it was unclear because it just said it will be "default", but so are compact language links and the new recent changes and I don't use those either. Could we please get an answer on if or not this can be turned off by individual users? My home wiki currently has 128 users who are using this in beta and I would like to inform everyone else if there's anything they can do about it after Thursday.

Abiyoyo (talkcontribs)

1. Very slow loading speed. Why use heavy js where simple html form is an obvious option? 2. Selecting namespaces is tricky and time consuming. The old html form with checkboxes was a faster and more convenient way. 3. The idea to give less experienced users a more friendly interface to search syntax is great. But the implementation turned out to be inconvenient. Please give an option to turn this feature off.

Michael Schönitzer (WMDE) (talkcontribs)

Thank you all for your feedback to this extension. The feature can be very useful for new or not so tech-savvy users, which is something that feedback has shown repeatedly. But we understand that some more experienced users would prefer the previous interface. That’s why there will be an option to allow every user to disable the feature in their settings. Beside that the new interface also allows to use keywords in the main search-bar as before.