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Ручна инсталација MediaWiki-ја може да буде мучна и дуготрајна, посебно за кориснике који немају техничку стручност. Неким корисницима је лакше покренути и радити на MediaWiki-ју коришћењем софтверског пакета. Ови софтверски пакети укључују неку комбинацију оперативног система, AMP пакет, MediaWiki софтвер, пакет додатака и/или пакет шаблона.

Warning Warning: Ове закрпе нису прегледали програмери језгра, те не постоје гаранције да ће радити. Also, packages may contain older versions of MediaWiki, so pay close attention to compatibility information for directions and extensions. The MediaWiki development team refers you to the individual communities and companies who maintain these packages for assistance with installing, configuring or using these software bundles.

MediaWiki stacks (all but operating system)

Use this solution if you want MediaWiki installed on your hard disk and executed in the conventional way (like most application software, more or less).

A stack, short for "solution stack", is a set of software that is often run together. MediaWiki can't run on its own, and requires several other programs to be loaded before it can work. Fortunately, easy-to-install bundled stacks, that include MediaWiki in them, are available.

Below are full packages that include MediaWiki, with supported operating system(s) specified:

  • Meza is a MediaWiki administration program that enables the easy install and maintenance of Apache, MariaDB, PHP 7, MediaWiki including Semantic MediaWiki, Visual Editor, Elasticsearch, and many other extensions.

All you need is a minimal RedHat/CentOS install. Requires VirtualBox to run using Vagrant.

MediaWiki software appliances

A MediaWiki software appliance includes MediaWiki and all other necessary software preintegrated in a just-enough operating system. It allows users to altogether skip manual installation of MediaWiki and its dependencies, and instead deploy a self-contained, ready-to-use system that requires little to no setup, especially in combination with virtual machine software such as VirtualBox or VMware, or container software such as Docker.

Several third-party MediaWiki software appliances exist.

  • Cloudron makes it easy to run web apps on your server and keep them up-to-date and secure.

The MediaWiki app installs MediaWiki on Cloudron and can be configured to be a public or private wiki. The installation can be tested at the demo (username: cloudron password: cloudron)

  • TurnKey MediaWiki, based on Debian includes a pre-integrated collection of popular extensions.

Virtual machine-based

NOTE: Requires Premium Webuzo License Purchase

(No extensions included.) Requires VMware or VirtualBox.

  • semantic::core Enterprise class MediaWiki distribution including Semantic, Visual Editor, Elasticsearch and many more powerful extensions buliding upon VirtualBox


See also: Docker
  • MediaWiki-Docker is the official development Docker environment for MediaWiki that is included in MediaWiki itself, starting with MediaWiki 1.35.
  • Canasta is a Docker-based stack comprising everything needed to run a full-featured MediaWiki stack.

It includes the Canasta Docker image, which runs MediaWiki and the Apache web server. It can be orchestrated via either Docker Compose or Kubernetes. It includes job queue runner, maintenance scripts runner, automated database backups, zero-config MySQL database, ImageMagick, FFmpeg, and transcoder. Canasta supports VisualEditor, CirrusSearch, and over 100 other extensions out-of-the-box.

Аутоматска инсталација

Следећи веб-сајтови пружају бесплатну услугу која омогућава да MediaWiki буде инсталиран, конфигурисан и одржаван коришћењем FTP информације веб-сајта.

For increased security, a separate FTP account and MySQL/MariaDB database should be created for use with such services.

Extension packages

Packages that only hold MediaWiki extensions include:

MediaWiki enterprise solutions

These are MediaWiki distributions customized and prepackaged for the use of the enterprise.

Име Опис Произвођач
BlueSpice A free MediaWiki distribution for corporate use, which is constantly expanded and improved. Paid-level service available as well. Hallo Welt!
Canasta A flexible and comprehensive Docker-based MediaWiki distribution. A consortium of MediaWiki consultants and hosting providers
semantic::core Enterprise class MediaWiki distribution including Semantic, Visual Editor, Elasticsearch and many more powerful extensions. gesinn.it GmbH & Co. KG.
semantic::apps Plug-and-play Semantic MediaWiki applications for e.g. business process, project or contact management. Available on-premise, as secure cloud or public hosting solution. gesinn.it GmbH & Co. KG.

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