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Monaco is a fork of an old skin by dantman. It has been forked multiple times and the most recently updated fork is usable by wfLoadSkin.
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Estado de lanzamiento: se desconoce
Descripción Porteado de la antigua apariencia de Wikia.
Licencia GNU Licencia Pública general 2.0 o más tarde
$wgMonacoAllowUsetheme , $wgMonacoTheme , $wgMonacoTheme , $wgMonacoDynamicCreateOverride , $wgMonacoUseMoreButton , $wgMonacoUseSitenoticeIsland , $wgMonacoUseMasthead , $wgMonacoCompactSpecialPages
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Monaco es una apariencia desarrollado originalmente por Wikia. Ha sido porteado y puede descargarse de aquí At time of writing (febrero de 2021), the most recent update was diciembre de 2018.

The fork by James Haley lists these new additions:

  • A new Widgets framework which cooperates with Extension:Gadgets to allow sidebar content to be defined through the MediaWiki frontend.
  • Special support for Extension:FlaggedRevs and Extension:MobileFrontend when they are installed.
  • Wiki copyright notice is displayed in the footer of every page as with WikiMedia-maintained skins.
  • Numerous bug fixes to stylesheets, JavaScript, and php HTML generation.

Roger Meier took that work and says he has added these features:

  • First Version that support MediaWiki verison 1.31, but not tested
  • Implementation of extending the Sidebar Menu with User and Group Sidebar Elements like Extension "DynamicSidebar"


Para agregarlo, instala el monaco-port en la carperta monaco que se encuentra en la carpeta skins. Desde la línea de comandos de la terminal podrás hacerlo primero usando el comando cd para cambiar a la carpeta skins de la instalación de Media Wiki. Ejecuta el comando "git clone git://github.com/dantman/monaco-port.git monaco".

Once you have done that, add wfLoadSkin("monaco"); to your LocalSettings.php.

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