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Тема оформления:Monaco

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MediaWiki skins manual - category
Release status: stable
Description Port of the old Fandom skin.
Latest version 2.8.1 (2024-07-21)
MediaWiki 1.39+
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
  • $wgMonacoAllowUseTheme
  • $wgMonacoTheme
  • $wgMonacoDynamicCreateOverride
  • $wgMonacoUseMoreButton
  • $wgMonacoUseSitenoticeIsland
  • $wgMonacoUseMasthead
  • $wgMonacoCompactSpecialPages
  • $wgMonacoBiggestCategoriesBlacklist
  • $wgMonacoEnablePaypal
  • $wgMonacoPaypalID
  • $wgMonacoEnablePatreon
  • $wgMonacoPatreonURL
  • $wgMonacoSearchDefaultFulltext
  • $wgMonacoSpecialPagesRequiredLogin
Public wikis using 1,499 (Ranked 15th)
Public wikis using as default skin 216
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Monaco is a skin originally developed by Fandom. The skin is currently maintained and provided by Universal Omega, which is compatible with MediaWiki 1.35 until 1.39 and 1.41 .

A fork compatible with MediaWiki 1.41 is also provided by jdlrobson.


To install, install Monaco into a Monaco/ folder in your skins/ folder. From the command line you can do this by cd'ing to your skins/ folder inside your MediaWiki installation and running git clone git://github.com/Universal-Omega/Monaco.git Monaco.

Once you have done that, add wfLoadSkin( 'Monaco' ); to your LocalSettings.php.



Deactivate selection of themes in the users preferences.

$wgMonacoAllowUseTheme = false;

Select the default theme for the wiki.

$wgMonacoTheme = "the_owners_prefered_theme";

Default value is "sapphire".


Enable Paypal-Button:

$wgMonacoEnablePaypal = true;

Set Paypal ID:

$wgMonacoPaypalID = "owners personal Paypal ID code";


Enable Patreon-Button:

$wgMonacoEnablePatreon = true;

Set Patreon-URL:

$wgMonacoPatreonURL = "https://www.patreon.com/owners_patreon_page";


This is a ShoutWiki help page, hosted at the ShoutWiki Hub.

The themes currently only work with the forks for REL1_25, REL1_27, REL1_31, REL1_35, REL1_39 and REL1_41.


Monaco has a large area for the wiki's logo with the Sidebar with expanding lists under that. The sidebar can link to anywhere on the wiki or even off the wiki. In the sidebar is usually links to recent changes, special pages, upload file, random page and occasionally help pages.

Under the sidebar is a community box that has links to your user page and talk page as well as showing the latest edits on the wiki.

Links along the top right are to your user page, talk page and watchlist. The more dropdown box can lead to your contributions and preferences. The link to log out is also here.

On the top left is a link to the ShoutWiki Hub and wiki categories on the hub.

How to change the skin

There are numerous pages to edit different sections of the Monaco skin:


Monaco offers lots of complete themes that you can use:

  • SapphireThe “standard” white and blue Monaco.
  • BeachA theme using light blue and brown.
  • BrickA theme using brown and darkred.
  • CarbonThis theme uses dark grey and black.
  • ForestA theme inspired by nature using, among others, different colors of green.
  • GamingThis theme uses dark blue and yellow.
  • JadeUsing the normal white, but with green instead of blue.
  • MoonlightUsing light and darker colors of blue, together with a star and moonlight background.
  • ObsessionThis theme uses colors such as black and dark red, giving this theme a darker look and feel.
  • PinkA nice, bright and pink theme.
  • RubyUsing white the normal white, but red instead of blue.
  • SkyUsing the normal white for the content area, with light blue instead of blue and a light blue background.
  • SlateThis theme uses light grey and yellow.
  • SmokeUsing the normal white, with yellow instead of blue.
  • SpringA theme using light green and light pink.

Use the skin

See also


  1. The original skin by Dantman can be downloaded here.
  2. A variation of the Monaco skin with some compatibility fixes for the WikiEditor extension and Monobook/Vector styled buttons can be found here. Seems that support MediaWiki version until 1.24 .
  3. A fork supporting MediaWiki versions 1.24 to 1.29 officially, with verified support for 1.30+ in the works, is maintained by James Haley. Doom Wiki still running with MediaWiki version 1.27 uses this fork. It's new additions:
    • A new Widgets framework which cooperates with Gadgets to allow sidebar content to be defined through the MediaWiki frontend.
    • Special support for FlaggedRevs and MobileFrontend when they are installed.
    • Wiki copyright notice is displayed in the footer of every page as with WikiMedia-maintained skins.
    • Numerous bug fixes to stylesheets, JavaScript, and PHP HTML generation.
  4. Another fork supporting MediaWiki versions 1.31 to 1.32 is provided by Beleggrodion. Roger Meier says he has added these features:
    • First Version that support MediaWiki version 1.31 , but is not tested
    • Implementation of extending the Sidebar Menu with User and Group Sidebar Elements like Extension DynamicSidebar