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Monaco is a skin that's currently closed-source software and managed by shoutwiki as well as on their own Phabricator instance. It's also available as FOSS on github at dantman/monaco-port, but it's not managed.)
MediaWiki skins manual - category
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Release status: proprietary
Description Port of the old wikia skin.
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
$wgMonacoAllowUsetheme, $wgMonacoTheme, $wgMonacoTheme, $wgMonacoDynamicCreateOverride, $wgMonacoUseMoreButton, $wgMonacoUseSitenoticeIsland, $wgMonacoUseMasthead, $wgMonacoCompactSpecialPages
Translate the Monaco skin if it is available at
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Monaco is a skin originally developed by Wikia. It has been ported and can be downloaded here. At time of writing (December 2020), it has seen no updates since 2014 and is not compatible with the latest version of MediaWiki so is likely unmaintained.

  • A variation of the Monaco skin with some compatibility fixes for the WikiEditor extension and Monobook/Vector styled buttons can be found here.

It also has been modified for compatibility with MW 1.23+.


To install, install monaco-port into a monaco/ folder in your skins/ folder. From the command line you can do this by cd'ing to your skins/ folder inside your MediaWiki installation and running "git clone git:// monaco".

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