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Monaco is a skin that's currently closed-source software and managed by shoutwiki as well as on their own Phabricator instance. It's also available as FOSS on github at dantman/monaco-port, but it's not managed.)
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Release status: unknown

Description Port of the old wikia skin.
LicenseTemplate:Skin#license GPLv2+
DownloadTemplate:Skin#download GitHub:
$wgMonacoAllowUsetheme, $wgMonacoTheme, $wgMonacoTheme, $wgMonacoDynamicCreateOverride, $wgMonacoUseMoreButton, $wgMonacoUseSitenoticeIsland, $wgMonacoUseMasthead, $wgMonacoCompactSpecialPages

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Monaco is a skin originally developed by Wikia. It has been ported and can be downloaded here.

It also has been modified for compatibility with MW 1.23+.

Installation[edit source]

To install, install monaco-port into a monaco/ folder in your skins/ folder. From the command line you can do this by cd'ing to your skins/ folder inside your MediaWiki installation and running "git clone git:// monaco".

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