Release notes/1.14


MediaWiki 1.14[edit]

Security reminder: MediaWiki does not require PHP's register_globals setting since version 1.2.0. If you have it on, turn it *off* if you can.

MediaWiki 1.14.1[edit]

July 14, 2009 This is a security and bugfix release of the 2009 Q1 branch of MediaWiki. MediaWiki is now using a "continuous integration" development model with quarterly snapshot releases. The latest development code is always kept "ready to run", and in fact runs our own sites on Wikipedia. Release branches will continue to receive security updates for about a year from first release, but nonessential bugfixes and feature developments will be made on the development trunk and appear in the next quarterly release. Those wishing to use the latest code instead of a branch release can obtain it from source control: NOTE: Installation of MediaWiki on SQLite has been temporarily disabled in this release due to the discovery of serious problems with the schema. This was fixed in 1.15.0.

Changes since 1.14.0[edit]

  • (bug 17737) Fixed russian URLs for Special:BookSources
  • (bug 17713) Using links with only an anchor no longer add an dummy entry in the pagelinks table
  • (bug 17897) Fixed string offset error in <pre> tags
  • (bug 17832) Fixed action=delete returning 'unknownerror' instead of 'permissiondenied' when the user is blocked
  • Fixed performance regression when accessing deleted (archived) files
  • (bug 19693) Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerability in Special:Block

Changes since 1.14.0rc1[edit]

  • Fixed the performance of the backlinks API module
  • (bug 17420) Send the correct content type from action=raw when the HTML file cache is enabled.
  • (bug 17437) Fixed incorrect link to web-based installer
  • (bug 17527) Fixed missing MySQL-specific options in installer

Configuration changes in 1.14[edit]

  • $wgExemptFromUserRobotsControl is an array of namespaces to be exempt from the effect of the new __INDEX__/__NOINDEX__ magic words (Default: null, exempt all content namespaces.)
  • $wgForwardSearchUrl has been removed entirely. Documented setting since 1.4 has been $wgSearchForwardUrl.
  • (bug 15080) $wgOverrideSiteFeed has been added. Setting either $wgSiteFeed['rss'] or 'atom' to a URL will override the default Recent Changes feed that appears on all pages.
  • $wgSQLiteDataDirMode has been introduced as the default directory mode for SQLite data directories on creation. Note that this setting is separate from $wgDirectoryMode, which applies to all normal dirs created by MediaWiki.
  • $wgGroupsAddToSelf and $wgGroupsRemoveFromSelf now work more like $wgAddGroups and $wgRemoveGroups , where the user must belong to a specified group in order to add or remove those groups from themselves. Backwards compatibility is maintained.
  • $wgRestrictDisplayTitle controls if the use of the {{DISPLAYTITLE}} magic word is restricted to titles equivalent to the actual page title. This is true per default, but can be set to false to allow any title.
  • $wgSpamRegex may now be an array of multiple regular expressions.
  • $wgAjaxSearch has been removed; use $wgEnableMWSuggest instead.
  • Editing the MediaWiki namespace is now unconditionally restricted to people with the editinterface right, configuring this in $wgNamespaceProtection is not required.
  • $wgAllowExternalImagesFrom may now be an array of multiple strings.
  • Introduced $wgEnableImageWhitelist to toggle the on-wiki external image whitelist on or off.
  • Added $wgRenderHashAppend to append some string to the parser cache and the sitenotice cache keys.
  • $wgRCChangedSizeThreshold is now a positive integer by default,
  • (bug 16006) $wgEnableWriteAPI is now true by default. Authorized can perform write actions using the API.
  • Added $wgRC2UDPInterwikiPrefix which adds an interwiki prefix ($wgLocalInterwiki ) onto the page names in the UDP feed.
  • Added $wgAllowUserSkin to let the wiki's owner disable user selectable skins on the wiki. If it's set to true, then the skin used will always be $wgDefaultSkin .
  • Added $wgEnotifUseRealName , which allows UserMailer to send out e-mails based on the user's real name if one is set. Defaults to false (use the username)
  • Removed the 'apiThumbCacheDir' option from $wgForeignFileRepos (only used in ForeignAPIRepo).
  • (bug 44) Image namespace and accompanying talk namespace renamed to File. For backward compatibility purposes, Image still works. External tools may need to be updated.
  • The constants NS_FILE and NS_FILE_TALK can now be used instead of NS_IMAGE and NS_IMAGE_TALK. The old constants are retained as aliases for compatibility, and should still be used in code meant to be compatible with v1.13 or older.
  • MediaWiki can be forced to use private IPs forwarded by a proxy server by using $wgUsePrivateIPs .
  • The 'BeforeWatchlist' hook has been removed due to internal changes in Special:Watchlist. 'SpecialWatchlistQuery' should now be used by extensions to customize the watchlist database query.
  • $wgFixDoubleRedirects was added for enabling/disabling of double redirect fixing.

Migrated extensions[edit]

The following extensions are migrated into MediaWiki 1.14:

  • Special:DeletedContributions to show deleted user contributions (was extension DeletedContributions)
  • Special:Log/newusers recording new users (was extension Newuserlog)
  • Special:LinkSearch to search for external links (was extension LinkSearch)
  • RenderHash
  • NoMoveUserPages
  • UniversalEditButton

New features in 1.14[edit]

  • New URL syntaxes for Special:ListUsers - 'Special:ListUsers/USER' and 'Special:ListUsers/GROUP/USER', in addition to the older syntax 'Special:ListUsers/GROUP' where GROUP is a valid group name.
  • Configurable per-namespace and per-page notices for the edit form, respectively MediaWiki:Editnotice-# where # is the namespace number, and MediaWiki:Editnotice-#-PAGENAME where # is the page's namespace number and PAGENAME is the page name minus the namespace prefix.
  • (bug 8068) New __INDEX__ and __NOINDEX__ magic words allow user control of search engine indexing on a per-article basis.
  • Handheld stylesheet options
  • Added 'DoEditSectionLink' hook as a cleaner unified version of the old 'EditSectionLink' and 'EditSectionLinkForOther' hooks. Note that the 'EditSectionLinkForOther' hook has been removed, but 'EditSectionLink' is run in all cases instead, so extensions using the old hooks should still work if they ran roughly the same code for both hooks (as is almost certain).
  • Signature (~~~~) "cleaning", i.e. template removal, can be disabled with $wgCleanSignatures =false
  • Extensions can use the SkinBuildSidebar hook to modify the content of the sidebar and add custom portlets to it
  • Added 'MakeGlobalVariablesScript' hook for extensions to be able to add variables into into the output of Skin::makeVariablesScript
  • (bug 13846) Added $wgAddGroups and $wgRemoveGroups display on Special:ListGroupRights
  • (bug 14377) Add a date selector to history pages
  • (bug 15007) New 'pagetitle-view-mainpage' message allows the HTML <title> of the main page to be customized
  • Added $wgDisableTitleConversion to disabling the conversion for all pages on the wiki
  • Added 'noconvertlink' toggle that can be set per user preferences, also added 'convertlink=no|yes' on GET requests whether have the link titles being converted or not
  • (bug 14921) Special:Contributions/: add user name to <title> Patch by Emufarmers
  • Unescape more "safe" characters when producing URLs, for added prettiness
  • Introduced a new hook 'SkinAfterContent' that allows extensions to add text after the page content and article metadata. Updated all skins and skin templates to work with that hook.
  • (bug 14929) removeUnusedAccounts.php now supports 'ignore-touched' and 'ignore-groups'. Patch by Louperivois
  • (bug 15127) Work around minor display glitch in Opera.
  • By default, reject file uploads that look like ZIP files, to avoid the so-called GIFAR vulnerability.
  • (bug 15141) Give ability to only list protected pages with the cascading option enabled on Special:ProtectedPages
  • (bug 15157) Special:Watchlist has the same options as Special:Watchlist: Show/Hide logged in users, Show/Hide anonymous, Invert namespace selection
  • Added hook 'UserrightsChangeableGroups' to allow modification of what groups may be added or removed via the Special:UserRights interface.
  • HTML entities like   now work (are not escaped) in edit summaries.
  • (bug 13815) In the comment for page moves, use the colon-separator message instead of a hardcoded colon.
  • Allow <gallery> to accept image names without an Image: prefix
  • Add tooltips to rollback and undo links
  • BMP images are now displayed as PNG
  • (bug 13471) Added NUMBERINGROUP magic word
  • (bug 11884) Now support Flash EXIF attribute
  • Show thumbnails in the file history list, patch by User:Agbad
  • (r40257) Added support of piped wikilinks using double-width brackets
  • Added an on-wiki external image whitelist. Items in this whitelist are treated as regular expression fragments to match for when possibly displaying an external image inline.
  • (bugs 15405, 15436) Sort more currency types correctly in sortable tables
  • (bug 15422) Sort more different types of numbers in sortable tables
  • (bug 2889) MediaWiki:Print.css applies to the printable version
  • Category counts (e.g. from {{PAGESINCATEGORY:}}) should be more accurate for small categories
  • After logging in, automatically redirect to wherever you logged in from
  • (bug 5619) Break messages used in Special:Statistics down further
  • (bug 11029) Add link to Special:Listusers?group=sysop etc at Special:Statistics
  • (bug 15514) Setting $wgRightsText without $wgRightsUrl now produces a plaintext copyright notice. Patch by Juliano F. Ravasi.
  • (bug 15551) Deletion log excerpt is now shown whenever a user vists a deleted page, even if they are unable to edit it.
  • Added Wantedfiles special pages, allowing users to find image links with no image.
  • (bug 12650) It is now possible to set different expiration times for different restriction types on the protection form.
  • (bug 8440) Allow preventing blocked users from editing their talk pages
  • Improved upload file type detection for OpenDocument formats
  • Added the ability to set the target attribute on external links with $wgExternalLinkTarget
  • api.php now sends "Retry-After" and "X-Database-Lag" HTTP headers if the maxlag check fails, just like index.php does
  • Added "link" parameter to image links, to allow images to link to an arbitrary title or URL. This should replace inaccessible and incomplete solutions such as CSS-based overlays and ImageMap.
  • (bug 368) Don't use caption for alt attribute; allow manual specification using new "alt=" parameter for images
  • (bug 44) The {{ns:}} core parser function now also accepts localized namespace names and aliases; also, its output now uses spaces instead of underscores to match the behavior of the {{NAMESPACE}} magic word
  • Added the ability to display user edit counts in Special:ListUsers. Off by default, enabled with $wgEdititis = true (named after the medical condition marked by unhealthy obsession with edit counts).
  • Added a file cache to the parser to improve page rendering time on pages with several uses of the same image.
  • (bug 1250) Users can still use "show preview" and "show changes" even if the wiki is set to read-only mode.
  • Added a call to the 'UnwatchArticleComplete' hook to the watchlist editor. This should make it so that ALL user-accessible methods of removing a page from a watchlist lead to this hook being called (it was previously only called from within Article.php
  • Maximum execution time for shell processes on linux is now configured with $wgMaxShellTime (180 seconds by default)
  • (bug 1306) 'Email user' link no longer shown on user page when emailing is not available due to lack of confirmed address or disabled preference
  • Special:Wanted templates special page added to display missing templates linked from articles
  • Make search matches bold only, not red as well
  • (bug 10080) Blocks can be modified without unblocking first
  • (bug 15820) Special:BlockIP shows a notice if the user being blocked is already directly blocked
  • (bug 13710) Allow to force "watch this" checkbox via URL using parameter "watchthis"
  • (bug 15125) Add Public Domain to default options when installing. Patch by Nathan Larson.
  • Set a special temporary directory for ImageMagick with $wgImageMagickTempDir
  • (bug 16113) Show/hide for redirects in Special:NewPages
  • (bug 15903) Upload link was added to Nostalgia skin
  • (bug 15761) Add user toggle to omit diff after rollback
  • Added the BitmapHandler_ClientOnly media handler, which allows server-side image scaling to be completely disabled for specific media types, via the $wgMediaHandlers configuration variable.
  • New 'AbortDiffCache' hook can be used to cancel the caching of a diff
  • (bug 15835) Added Content-Style-Type meta tag
  • (bug 11027) Add parameter to MW:Randompage-nopages so that user can see the namespace.
  • Add id="mw-user-domain-section" to <tr> tag in Userlogin.php template so that admins with a single domain can hide the domain section using CSS
  • Dropped old Parser_OldPP class. Only new parser with preprocessor is used.
  • Moved password reset form from Special:Preferences to Special:ResetPass
  • Added Special:ChangePassword as a special page alias for Special:ResetPass
  • Added complimentary function for addHandler() called removeHandler() for removing events
  • Improved security of file uploads for IE clients, using a reverse-engineered algorithm very similar to IE's content detection algorithm.
  • Cascading protection no longer requires that both edit and move are restricted to sysop, just edit=sysop is enough
  • (bug 2391) A warning is now shown for invalid ISBN numbers on Special:Booksources.
  • Installer has been updated to reflect the release of the GFDL 1.3. The URL for 1.2 has been updated, and the 1.3 URL has been given. 1.2 is still Wikipedia-compatible. RightsCode was changed from 'gfdl' to 'gfdl1_2', so we can now support 1.2 as well as 1.3 (gfdl1_3).
  • (bug 16293) PD URL was changed to the CreativeCommons site on PD (which auto-detects your language) instead of Wikipedia.
  • (bug 16635) The "view and edit watchlist" page (Special:Watchlist/edit) now includes a table of contents
  • File objects returned by wfFindFile() are now cached by default
  • (bug 7492) Rights can now be assigned to specific IP addresses and ranges by using $wgAutopromote (new defines: APCOND_ISIP and APCOND_IPINRANGE)
  • Add a 'change block' link to Special:IPBlockList and Special:Log
  • (bug 16459) Use native getElementsByClassName where possible, for better performance in modern browsers
  • Enable \cancel and \cancelto in texvc (recompile required)
  • Added 'UserCryptPassword' and 'UserComparePasswords' hooks to allow extensions to implement their own password hashing methods.
  • (bug 16760) Add CSS-class to action links of Special:Log
  • (bug 505) Time zones can now be specified by location in user preferences, avoiding the need to manually update for DST. Patch by Brad Jorsch.
  • (bug 2585) HTTP 404 return code is now given for a page view if the page does not exist, allowing spiders and link checkers to detect broken links.
  • Special:Log: Add 'change protection' link for unprotected pages too
  • Special:Log: Add log type specific CSS classes 'mw-logline-$logtype' to 'li' elements
  • (bug 16754) Making arbitrary rows of sortable tables sticky: |- class="unsortable"
  • Show subversion too even if a "normal" version number is available
  • (bug 16121) Add a note that a page move was without creating a redirect in the move log
  • Image moving is now enabled for sysops by default
  • Make "Did you mean" search feature more noticeable
  • (bug 16720) Transcluded Special:NewPages processes "/username="

Bug fixes in 1.14[edit]

  • (bug 14907) DatabasePostgres::fieldType now defined.
  • (bug 14659) Passing the default limit param to Special:Recentchanges no more falls back to the user option
  • (bug 14954) Fix regression in Modern and Simple skins
  • Recursion loop check added to Categoryfinder class
  • Fixed few performance troubles of large job queue processing
  • Not setting various parameters in Foreign Repos now fails more gracefully
  • (bug 2333) Redirects are properly rendered when previewing an edit.
  • (bug 14972) Use localized alias of Special:Search on all search forms
  • (bug 11035) Special:Search should have descriptive <title>
  • Special pages are now not subject to special handling for "self-links"
  • (bug 15053) Syntactically incorrect redirects with another link in them no longer redirect to the second link
  • (bug 15049) Fix for CheckUser extension's log search: usernames containing a "-" were incorrectly turned into bogus IP range searches. Patch by Max Semenik.
  • (bug 15055) Talk page notifications no longer attempt to send mail when user's e-mail address is invalid or unconfirmed
  • (bug 12370) Add throttle on password attempts. Defaults to max 5 attempts in 5 minutes.
  • (bug 15016) 'Templates used on this page' list in view source should be wrapped in a div with class "templatesUsed"
  • (bug 14868) Setting $wgFeedDiffCutoff to 0 now disables generation of the diff entirely, not just the display of it.
  • (bug 6387) Introduced new setting $wgCategoryPrefixedDefaultSortkey which allows having the unprefixed page title as the default category sortkey
  • (bug 15079) Add class="ns-talk" / "ns-subject" to <body>. Also added ns-special to special pages.
  • (bug 15052) Skins should add their name as a class in <body>
  • (bug 14165, bug 14294) Wikimedia specific configuration in convertGrammar() for several languages was removed. The settings have been put in extension WikimediaMessages. Patch for Czech by Danny B.
  • (bug 15101) Displaying only bots edits in Special:Recentchanges now works again
  • (bug 13770) Fixed incorrect detection of PHP's DOM module
  • (bug 14790) Export of category pages when using Category: prefix now actually gives results
  • Avoid recursive crazy expansions in section edit comments for pages which contain '/*' in the title
  • Fix excessive memory usage when parsing pages with lots of links
  • $wgSpamRegex now matches the edit summary and page move descriptions in addition to body text.
  • Navigation links to images available from a shared repository (like Commons) from their local talk pages no longer appear as redlinks
  • Action=purge on ForeignApiFiles now works (purges their thumbnails and description pages).
  • (bug 15303) Title conversion for templates wasn't working in some cases.
  • (bug 15264) Underscores in Special:Search/Foo_bar parameters were taken literally; now converting them to spaces per expectation.
  • (bug 15342) "Invert" checkbox now works correctly when selecting main namespace in Special:Watchlist
  • (bug 15172) 'Go' button of Special:Recentchanges now on the same line as the last input element (like Special:Watchlist too)
  • (bug 15351) Fix fatal error for invalid section fragments in autocomments
  • Fixed intermittent deadlock errors involving objectcache table queries. Use a separate database connection for the objectcache table to avoid long-lasting locks on that table.
  • Respect file restrictions in the file history list
  • (bug 15399) Odd/even classes on sortable tables' rows could be slow for large tables, and have been disabled by default.
  • (bug 15482) Special:Recentchangeslinked has no longer two submit buttons
  • (bug 15292) New message notification for unregistred users now works again
  • (bug 14398) mwsuggest.js: Let width of container be configurable
  • (bug 15543) Only include user touched timestamp to generated CSS
  • (bug 15497) Removed encoding attribute from <?xml ?> tag
  • (bug 12284) Special:Preferences now sets a returnto parameter on the link to Special:UserLogin. Patch by Marooned.
  • Fixed the HTTP accept language string detection length in LanguageConverter.php, instead of the fixed length language codes.
  • Special:RecentChangesLinked no longer shows outgoing links for nonexistent pages even if there are broken link records with source article id 0 in the database
  • (bug 15598) Special:Newpages default limit uses user preference for recentchanges limit instead of hardcoded 50.
  • (bug 15617) $wgFeedClassesOutputPage::getHeadLinks() respects $wgFeedClasses, instead of hardcoding rss and atom. Patch by Juliano F. Ravasi.
  • (bug 14638) Special:Blockip now provides a link to the block log if the user has been blocked more than 10 times. Patch by Matt Johnston.
  • (bug 12678) Skins don't show Upload link if the user isn't allowed to upload.
  • Fixed incorrect usage of DB_LAST in Special:Export. Deprecated DB_LAST.
  • (bug 15642) Blocked sysops can no longer block other users
  • Http::request() now respects $wgHTTPtimeout when not using cURL
  • (bug 15158) Userinvalidcssjstitle not shown on preview
  • (bug 15196) Free external links should be numbered in a localised manner
  • (bug 15388) Title of Special:PrefixIndex
  • Links with no title but a curid parameter now use the curid to pick a page
  • (bug 10323) Special:Undelete should have "inverse selection" button
  • (bug 15831) Modern skin RTL support is bugous
  • (bug 15869) Nostalgia skin does not show page title in printable mode
  • (bug 15795) Special:Userrights is now listed on Special:SpecialPages when the user can only change his rights
  • (bug 15846) Categories "leak" from older revisions in certain circumstances
  • (bug 15928) Special pages dropdown should be inline in non-MonoBook skins
  • (bug 14178) Some uses of UserLoadFromSession hook cause segfault
  • (bug 15925) Postitive bytes added on recentchanges and watchlists are now bolded if above the threshold, previously it only worked for negatives
  • Specify apple-touch-icon before favicon in HTML head section to make the Konqueror browser correctly use the latter
  • (bug 15717) Set $separatorTransformTable for language 'eu'
  • (bug 15605) Enabled $datePreferences for language 'hr'. Added standard date preferences.
  • (bug 13701) {{NUMBEROFVIEWS}} magic word to show number of total views.
  • (bug 5101) Image from Commons doesn't show up when searched in Wikipedia search box
  • (bug 14609) User's namespaces to be searched default not updated after adding new namespace
  • Purge form uses valid XHTML
  • (bug 12764) Special:LonelyPages shows transcluded pages
  • (bug 16073) Enhanced RecentChanges uses onclick handler with better fallback if JavaScript is disabled
  • (bug 4253) Recentchanges IRC messages no longer include title in diff URLs
  • Allow '0' to be an accesskey.
  • (bug 8063) Use language-dependent sorting in client-side sortable tables
  • (bug 16160) Suggestions box should be resized from left for RTL wikis
  • (bug 11533) Fixed insane slowdown when in read-only mode for long periods of time with CACHE_NONE (default objectcache table configuration).
  • Trying to set two different default category sort keys for one page now produces a warning
  • (bug 16143) Fix redirect loop on special pages starting with lower case letters
  • (bug 15737) Fix notices while expanding using PPCustomFrame
  • (bug 15544) Non-index entry points cause the "Wiki not set up" message to have corrupt URLs
  • (bug 5101) Image from Commons doesn't show up when searched in Wikipedia search box
  • (bug 4362) MediaWiki:History copyright no more used with most recent revision when passing oldid parameter in the url
  • (bug 16265) When caching thumbs with the ForeignApiRepo, we now use the same filename as the remote site.
  • (bug 8345) Don't autosummarize where a redirect was left unchanged
  • Made thumb caching in ForeignApiFile objects integrated with normal thumb path naming (/thumbs/hash/file), retired 'apiThumbCacheDir' as a result.
  • (bug 5530) Consistency between character encoding in {{PAGENAMEE}}, {{SUBPAGENAMEE}} and {{FULLPAGENAMEE}}
  • Safer handling of non-MediaWiki exceptions -- now obeys our settings for formatting and path exposure.
  • Less verbose errors from profileinfo.php when not configured
  • Blacklist redirects via Special:Filepath, hard to use.
  • Improved input validation on Special:Import form
  • Add a .htaccess to deleted images directory for additional protection against exposure of deleted files with known SHA-1 hashes on default installations.
  • Improved scripting safety heuristics for IE 5/6 content-type detection.
  • Improved scripting safety heuristics on SVG uploads.
  • (bug 11728) Unify layout of enhanced watchlist/recent changes
  • (bug 8702) Properly update stats when running nukePage maintenance script
  • (bug 7726) Searches for words less than 4 characters now work without requiring customization of MySQL server settings
  • Honour unchecked "Leave a redirect behind" for moved subpages
  • (bug 16440) Broken 0-byte math renderings are now deleted and re-rendered when page is re-parsed.
  • (bug 6100) Unicode BiDi embedding/override characters (U+202A - U+202E) are now automatically removed from titles; these characters can accidentally end up in copy-and-pasted titles, and, by overriding normal bidirectional text handling, can lead to annoying behavior such as text rendering backwards
  • Fixed minor bug where the memcached value for how many accounts an IP had created that day would be increased even if $wgAccountCreationThrottle was hit. This meant if an IP hit the throttle and then the throttle was raised later that day, the IP still couldn't create another account, because it had marked them as having created another account, when their last account creation had actually failed.
  • (bug 12647) Allow autogenerated edit summary messages to be blanked with '-'
  • (bug 16026) 'Revision-info' and 'revision-info-current' both accept wiki markup now.
  • (bug 16529) Fix for search suggestions with some third-party JS libraries
  • (bug 13342) importScript() generates more consistent URI encoding
  • (bug 16577) When a blocked user tries to rollback a page, the block message is now only displayed once
  • (bug 14268) SVG image sizes now extracted with proper XML parser
  • (bug 14365) RepoGroup::findFiles() no longer crashes if passed an invalid title via the API
  • (bug 4253, bug 16586) Revision ID is now given instead of title in URLs for new pages in the recent changes IRC feed
  • Ugly tooltips in Special:Statistics were phased out in favor of more direct information. Went ahead and rewrote SpecialStatistics to subclass SpecialPage
  • (bug 5506) Links to files on foreign repositories are now shown consistently as bluelinks e.g. in logs and edit summaries
  • (bug 16623) Add missing </p> tag in Special:LockDB
  • (bug 15849) Special:Movepage now throws a more specific error when trying to move a title to an interwiki target
  • (bug 16638) 8-bit URL fallback encoding now set on additional languages using Arabic script (Persian, Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi)
  • (bug 16656) cleanupTitles and friends should now work in load-balanced DB environments when $wgDBserver isn't set.
  • (bug 3691) Aspect ratio from viewBox attribute is now preserved for SVG images which do not specify width and height attributes.
  • (bug 15027) Internet domain names and IP addresses can now be indexed and searched sensibly with the default MySQL search backend.
  • (bug 11733) Fixed parameter validation in importTextFile.php
  • (bug 16712) Special:NewFiles updated to use "newer"/"older" paging messages for clarity over "previous/next"
  • (bug 16612) Fixed "noprint" class for Modern skin print style
  • Section anchors now have an "id" attribute as well as a "name" attribute, even when Tidy is not used
  • (bug 16026) revision-info, revision-info-current, cannotdelete, redirectedfrom, historywarning and difference messages now use Wiki text rather than raw HTML markup
  • (bug 13835) Fix rendering of {{filepath:Wiki.png|nowiki}}
  • (bug 16772) Special:Upload now correctly rejects files with spaces in the file extension (e.g. Foo. jpg).
  • Image moving over an existing file no longer throws a database error
  • (bug 16786) Restored "redundant" links recently removed from Classic sidebar
  • (bug 16850) $wgActionPaths can have query strings now, previously, this broke local URLs
  • (bug 16376) Mention in deleteBatch.php and moveBatch.php maintenance scripts that STDIN can be used for page list
  • (bug 16560) Special:Random returns a page from ContentNamespaces, and no longer from NS_MAIN
  • (bug 16123) Fixed Special:Import on SQLite.
  • (bug 16937) Show appropriate error message for attempted installs on PostgreSQL 7.3 or earlier.
  • Disabled SQLite support in the installer.
  • Fixed XSS vulnerabilities in the web-based installer.
  • Added a meta robots tag to the installer to prevent indexing of potentially sensitive configuration data.
  • (bug 16483) Prevented a filesort in ApiQueryBacklinks caused by missing parentheses. Building query properly now using makeList()

API changes in 1.14[edit]

  • Registration time of users registered before the DB field was created is now shown as empty instead of the current time.
  • API search now falls back to fulltext search by default when using Lucene or other engine which doesn't support a separate title search function. This means you can use API search on Wikipedia without explicitly adding &srwhat=text to the query.
  • Added iiprop=bitdepth to imageinfo and aiprop=bitdepth to allimages
  • (bug 14713) API-specific permissions (such as 'writeapi' and 'apihighlimits' are now listed on action=help
  • (bug 15044) Added requestid parameter to api.php to facilitate distinguishing between requests
  • (bug 15048) Added limit field for multivalue parameters to action=paraminfo output.
  • When the limit on multivalue parameters is exceeded, a warning is issued
  • list=search doesn't list missing pages any more
  • (bug 15178) Added clshow to prop=categories to allow filtering for hidden/non-hidden categories
  • (bug 15228) Combining revids= and redirects now throws a warning instead of an error, and still resolves redirects generated by the generator.
  • list={backlinks,embeddedin,imageusage} now return arrays with keys 0, 1, 2, etc. (AKA lists) instead of arrays with pageIDs as keys (AKA hash tables) for consistency with other list modules.
  • Added action=watch
  • (bug 15275) apprefix and related parameters ignore spaces at the end
  • action=edit no longer throws unknown error 228 when trying to create an empty section with section=new
  • Database replication lag doesn't cause all action=edit requests to return the nochange flag any more
  • (bug 15392) ApiFormatBase::formatHTML now uses $wgUrlProtocols.
  • (bug 15444) action=edit returns "Unknown error: AS_END" where it should return just "Unknown error"
  • (bug 15448) YAML output returns empty values instead of 0
  • (bug 15445) Added action=patrol
  • (bug 15466) Added action=purge
  • (bug 15486) action=block ignores autoblock parameter
  • (bug 15492) added rcprop=loginfo to list=recentchanges
  • (bug 15527) action=rollback can now revert anonymous editors
  • (bug 15535) prop=info&inprop=protection doesn't list pre-1.10 protections if the page is also protected otherwise (1.10+ style or cascading)
  • list=random now has rnredirect parameter, to get random redirects.
  • Added APIAfterExecute, APIQueryAfterExecute and APIQueryGeneratorAfterExecute hooks which allow for extending core modules in a cleaner way
  • action=protect checks for invalid protection types and levels
  • (bug 15673) Added indentation to format=wddxfm output and improved built-in WDDX formatter to resemble PHP's more
  • (bug 15706) Empty values for apprtype and apprlevel are now silently ignored rather than causing an exception
  • Added uiprop=preferencestoken to meta=userinfo
  • (bug 15609) Add inprop=url and inprop=readable to prop=info
  • Add ApiDisabled and ApiQueryDisabled classes so individual modules can be disabled in LocalSettings.php
  • (bug 15653) Add prop=duplicatefiles
  • (bug 15768) Add list=watchlistraw
  • (bug 15647) action=edit with basetimestamp fails if the page has been deleted and undeleted since the last edit
  • (bug 15785) Allow for different expiry times for different protections in action=protect
  • Added allowsduplicates attribute to action=paraminfo output
  • (bug 15767) apfilterlanglinks returns duplicate results
  • (bug 15845) Added pageid/fromid parameter to action=delete/move, making manipulation of legacy pages with invalid titles possible
  • (bug 15881) Empty or invalid parameters cause database errors
  • The maxage and smaxage parameters are now properly validated
  • (bug 15945) list=recentchanges doesn't check $wgUseRCPatrol, $wgUseNPPatrol and patrolmarks right
  • (bug 15985) acfrom and aifrom parameters didn't work when sorting in descending order.
  • (bug 15995) Add cmstartsortkey and cmendsortkey parameters to list=categorymembers
  • (bug 16017) list=categorymembers sets invalid continue parameters for sortkeys containing pipes
  • (bug 16018) Added uccontinue parameter to list=usercontribs so paging works properly when multiple users are queried or a userprefix is used
  • (bug 16047) Added activeusers attribute to meta=siteinfo&siprop=statistics output
  • Added redirect resolution to action=parse
  • (bug 16074) rvprop=content combined with a generator with a high limit causes an error
  • (bug 16105) Image metadata attributes containing spaces result in invalid XML
  • (bug 16126) Added siprop=magicwords to meta=siteinfo
  • (bug 16159) Added wlshow=patrolled|!patrolled to list=watchlist
  • (bug 16225) Titles like Talk:Talk:Foo broke apfrom and friends
  • meta=siteinfo&siprop=interwikimap no longer throws an exception for empty sifilter parameter.
  • (bug 12760) meta=userinfo&uiprop=ratelimits doesn't list group-specific rate limits
  • (bug 16398) meta=userinfo&uiprop=rights lists some rights twice in some cases
  • (bug 16408) Added rvgeneratexml to prop=revisions
  • (bug 16421) Made list=logevents's leuser accept user names with underscores instead of spaces
  • (bug 16516) Made rvsection=T-2 work
  • (bug 16526) Added usprop=emailable to list=users
  • (bug 16548) list=search threw errors with an invalid error code
  • (bug 16515) Added pst and onlypst parameters to action=parse
  • (bug 16541) Added block expiry timestamp to list=logevents output
  • (bug 16613) action=protect doesn't tell when &cascade was set but cascading protection wasn't allowed
  • (bug 16626) action=delete now correctly handles empty "reason" param
  • (bug 15579) clshow considers all categories !hidden
  • (bug 16647) list=allcategories, prop=categories don't return "hidden" property for hidden categories
  • New siprop parameter of 'extensions' to list all installed extensions
  • (bug 16672) Include canonical namespace name in meta=siteinfo&siprop=namespaces.
  • (bug 16726) siprop=namespacealiases should also list localized aliases
  • (bug 16730) Added apprfiltercascade parameter to list=allpages to filter cascade-protected pages
  • (bug 16798) JSON encoding errors for some characters outside the BMP
  • (bug 16629) prop=info&inprop=protection lists empty legacy protections incorrectly
  • (bug 15261, 16262) API no longer outputs invalid UTF-8
  • Fix broken list=alllinks paging and make alunique actually work

Languages updated in 1.14[edit]

MediaWiki supports over 300 languages. Many localisations are updated regularly. Below only new and removed languages are listed.

  • Bakhtiari (bqi) (new)
  • Fiji Hindi (Devanagari script) (hif-deva) (new)
  • Krio (kri) (new)
  • Lezghian (lez) (new)
  • Laz (lzz) (new)
  • Eastern Mari (mhr) (new)
  • Niuean (niu) (new)
  • Oromo (om) (new)
  • Plautdietsch (pdt) (new)
  • Western Punjabi (pnb) (new)
  • Tarantino (roa-tara) (new)
  • Serbo-Croatian (sh) (new)
  • Tulu (tcy) (new)


MediaWiki 1.14 requires PHP 5 (5.2 recommended). PHP 4 is no longer supported.

PHP 5.0.x fails on 64-bit systems due to serious bugs with array processing:

Upgrade affected systems to PHP 5.1 or higher.

MySQL 3.23.x is no longer supported; some older hosts may need to upgrade. At this time we still recommend 4.0, but 4.1/5.0 will work fine in most cases.


1.14 has several database changes since 1.13, and will not work without schema updates.

If upgrading from before 1.11, and you are using a wiki as a commons repository, make sure that it is updated as well. Otherwise, errors may arise due to database schema changes.

If upgrading from before 1.7, you may want to run refreshLinks.php to ensure new database fields are filled with data.

If you are upgrading from MediaWiki 1.4.x or earlier, some major database changes are made, and there is a slightly higher chance that things could break. Don't forget to always back up your database before upgrading!

See the file UPGRADE for more detailed upgrade instructions.


Some output, particularly involving user-supplied inline HTML, may not produce 100% valid or well-formed XHTML output. Testers are welcome to set $wgMimeType = "application/xhtml+xml"; to test for remaining problem cases, but this is not recommended on live sites. (This must be set for MathML to display properly in Mozilla.)

For notes on 1.13.x and older releases, see HISTORY.

Online documentation[edit]

Documentation for both end-users and site administrators is currently being built up on, and is covered under the GNU Free Documentation License (except for pages that explicitly state that their contents are in the public domain) :


Mailing list[edit]

A MediaWiki-l mailing list has been set up distinct from the Wikipedia wikitech-l list:


A low-traffic announcements-only list is also available:


It's highly recommended that you sign up for one of these lists if you're going to run a public MediaWiki, so you can be notified of security fixes.

IRC help[edit]

There's usually someone online in the IRC channel #mediawiki connect.