Readers/Status updates/2017-06


This is the monthly Readers update for 2017-06



  • Android released an update improving offline storage and Reading List experience.
  • Android began work on support the zim archive format in the app, based on Community Wishlist request.
  • iOS released version 5.5.0 which includes the all new Places tab, which focuses on geolocation based discovery. This update also improves how "In the News" look and work, adds a more prominent search box and other improvements.
  • iOS began work on 5.6.0 which will support reading modes (specifically a dark mode for night reading) and "On this Day" content in the feed.
  • Survey results from both apps on reading lists usage was completed, with findings available at Reading lists survey results


  • Moving the intro above the infobox on mobile web lead a significant increase on performance metrics [1]

New Readers[edit]


  • A UX design heuristic evaluation was conducted and results turned into Phabricator tasks for 3D file (STL) support. A number of design refinements are being turned into a specification. The team has been prioritizing and working on 3D tasks in anticipation of a future launch. In the forthcoming month, additional consultation will be done on the wikis about potential moderation considerations for the 3D file (STL) type.


The Discovery team provides weekly updates. Here are their updates for June.