Discovery/Status updates/2017-06-12


This is the weekly update for the week starting 2017-06-12


  • A recent update to the search results page on all wikis—sister project snippets—was deployed into production on June 15; see this email for more info. (task T162276)
  • Added a note to the Extension:Kartographer page about mapframe deployments
  • Sent out a communication about what the Discovery team's goals and future work will be.



  • Logstash scripts are now using curator, and some standard action files (enabling / disabling shard allocation) have been deployed (task T166154)
  • Deployed new versions of Wikimedia and other ElasticSearch plugins (epic task with lots of smaller subtasks (task T160948)
  • Various updates to getting the search clusters up to ElasticSearch 5.3.2 (task T163703) (task T163708) (task T167636) (task T149006)
  • Fixed an issue where the sister project snippets were causing an weird display problem (task T167301)
  • We've updated Ukrainian-language wikis with a new Ukrainian language analyzer, which should provide better search results by recognizing related forms of a word. (An example in English would be that searching for "hope", "hoped", "hopes", or "hoping" can all find each other.) See T160106 and related Phabricator tickets.
  • We've updated Chinese-language wikis using a new Chinese language analyzer, which should provide better search results by doing a better job of breaking up Chinese text into words, and by automatically converting between Simplified and Traditional characters when searching. See T158203 and related Phabricator tickets.
  • We've updated Swedish-language wikis with a smarter configuration that recognizes å, ä, and ö as distinct letters (and not just variants of a and o). See Phabricator ticket T160562.
  • Setup testing, training and validation splits for learning to rank machine learning (task T162311)
  • Worked on calculating the NDCG of click data that feeds the machine learning rank pipeline (task T166585)

Wikidata Query Service[edit]


  • Finalized the migration from Vagrant to Puppet configuration for the dashboards (task T161354)
  • Investigated a drop in pageviews and clickthroughs on the portal - turns out summer is here (task T167822)
  • Fixed a minor issue with the desktop and mobile web graphs on the external search dashboard (task T167850)


  • Achieved some clarity to the phabricator board with priorities and what is in progress, needs to be in the backlog or stalled.