Discovery/Status updates/2017-06-19


This is the weekly update for the week starting 2017-06-19.


  • Mikhail sent out an email describing the cool new backend update that all the dashboards got - from Vagrant to Puppet


  • A letter from some of the attendees of Iberoconf 2017 detailing requests to the Foundation for more and better communications and translations.
  • The Analysis team started discussing about adding continuous integration configuration to all wikimedia/discovery analytics repositories (task T153856)


  • Erik did a lot of intensive research evaluating the libraries for machine learning ranking with LambdaRank and settled on xgboost running over yarn (task T162061)
  • We are having a lively discussion about how best to utilize the Kuromoji Japanese language analyzer (task T166731)


  • We've updated the dashboards with proper licensing (since it's all open source) so that anyone can use it and / or borrow the code to fix an issue they have (task T167930)