Discovery/Status updates/2017-06-26


This is the weekly update for the week starting 2017-06-26



  • Evaluated several training set sizes for the learning-to-rank models (task T168664)
  • Completed several successful load tests on the servers for learning-to-rank query plugin (task T169002)
  • Fixed a bug with second try searching using language detection (task T168302)
  • Updated CirrusSearch to not depend on spaces to activate proximity rescoring (phrase rescore) (task T152094)
  • Explore similar pages, categories and languages A/B test was activated on June 29, 2017 (task T149809)


  • Updated the dashboards polloi package that now allows country names and assigning of ASCII region names (task T167913)


  • Statistics (task T128546) and translations (task T142582) were updated on the portal page on June 27, 2017


  • A bug where coordinates were being passed incorrectly to external map services was fixed in production (task T160782)
  • Discussion and a patch uploaded to update Kartographer so that jQuery 3 doesn't break things (task T168744)