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This page documents deprecated identifiers that will be removed from mediawiki eventually (see task T35836). Their replacements are in the "Replaced by" columns below. Also see the ResourceLoader migration guides for extension developers and for users. All replacements and some new modules are available as-is since 1.17. Please use the modern replacements for new code and rewrite old code immediately. If you encounter no replacement and believe there should be one, please Let us know!

Please note the current implementation in Git may differ from the latest stable release and what might eventually be included with mediawiki. Any code relying on details obtained from Git may break.

Deprecated identifiers in source code files can be found by using Unix style commands such as:

 grep -n -f deprecated.txt *.js

where deprecated.txt is a text file created from the list page. Make sure to remove any blank lines at the end of the file. Note: Automatic replaces are not recommended because some identifier names are potentially part of another (non-deprecated or custom) identifier, for example addPortletLink and mw.util.addPortletLink, or 'ta' and 'var = takeMyCustomVariable'.


Code: ajax.js


The toolbar interfaces will likely migrate into an extension. The default bundle would include the Extension:WikiEditor, which already has an advanced API that replaces all of this.


Replaced by jQuery.suggestions

See documentation for more information.


Code: wikibits.js

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