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This page is a translated version of the page Project:Namespaces and the translation is 60% complete.
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名字空间 许可 内容 示例
CC BY-SA 所有关于本软件的一般信息。 指导、开发者、历史、升级信息、竞争、出版、具体的样式与皮肤。
Manual: CC BY-SA All technical or more detailed stuff behind the surface, that is not part of the basic help pages (full handbook, mainly for people setting up their own wiki). Main and detailed parts of Meta's MW help, technical reference, configuration settings, hooks, ... (not including extensions).
Extensions logo
Extension: CC BY-SA 所有扩展与直接相关事宜。 扩展和工具,这些不是默认的MediaWiki发布版本的一部分。
Project icon
Project: CC BY-SA MediaWiki.org的组织,该名字空间应尽可能小。 Hints for translation of the main introduction, coordination of pd help pages ...
PD Help icon
Help: 公有领域 Set of basic help pages for users of an existing wiki (formatting etc.) The first aim is a complete English version, that can be shipped with the MW distribution. Like Wikipedia's help: start a new page, formatting, insert a picture, use of simple tables, how to categorize, revert vandalism ...
NS:Help is thought to be a basic stand-alone help, this namespace must be coherent when it is ready, and should not contain any internal links other than to itself therefore. (still needed: 任务T6469 -> extra sitenotice!)
NS:Manual can link to wherever; the basic help could be seen as a "small" addition to the full "manual".
All namespaces have an associated talk namespace, where related discussion is held.


变量 替代语法 名称,链接到页面列表 备注
{{ns:-2}} {{ns:Media}} "Media" pseudo-namespace for images and other files themselves, as opposed to the image description pages; see also below
{{ns:-1}} {{ns:Special}} "Special" pseudo-namespace for special pages
- main main namespace, no prefix, or optionally a colon (this is needed when using the page as template)
{{ns:1}} {{ns:Talk}} Talk  
{{ns:2}} {{ns:User}} User logged-in users (list: Special:Listusers) have a personal page User:username (linked to by the system from lists of edits, page histories, and from signatures).
{{ns:3}} {{ns:User_talk}} User talk  
{{ns:4}} {{ns:Project}} Project 计划(Project)名字空间讨论关于这个计划本身
{{ns:5}} {{ns:Project_talk}} Project talk  
{{ns:6}} {{ns:Image}} File 图像和其他上传的文件,带有图像描述页面
{{ns:7}} {{ns:Image_talk}} File talk  
{{ns:8}} {{ns:MediaWiki}} MediaWiki 系统消息,只能由管理员编辑
{{ns:9}} {{ns:MediaWiki_talk}} MediaWiki talk  
{{ns:10}} {{ns:Template}} Template the default namespace for templates: the wikitext code {{name }} refers to and includes the page Template:name
{{ns:11}} {{ns:Template_talk}} Template talk  
{{ns:12}} {{ns:Help}} Help A general User's Guide, set of basic help pages.
This NS is in the public domain on
{{ns:13}} {{ns:Help_talk}} Help talk  
{{ns:14}} {{ns:Category}} Category each page represents a category of pages, with each category page displaying a list of pages in that category and optional additional text.
{{ns:15}} {{ns:Category_talk}} Category talk  
{{ns:90}} {{ns:Thread}} Thread Extension:LiquidThreads
{{ns:91}} {{ns:Thread_talk}} Thread talk  
{{ns:92}} {{ns:Summary}} Summary Extension:LiquidThreads
{{ns:93}} {{ns:Summary_talk}} Summary talk  
{{ns:100}} {{ns:Manual}} Manual Manual pages, technical reference handbook
{{ns:101}} {{ns:Manual_talk}} Manual talk  
{{ns:102}} {{ns:Extension}} Extension 扩展手册
{{ns:103}} {{ns:Extension_talk}} Extension talk  
{{ns:104}} {{ns:API}} API 描述MediaWiki API的页面
{{ns:105}} {{ns:API_talk}} API talk  
{{ns:106}} {{ns:Skin}} Skin  
{{ns:107}} {{ns:Skin_talk}} Skin talk  
{{ns:484}} {{ns:Graph}} Graph 扩展:图表
{{ns:485}} {{ns:Graph_talk}} Graph talk  
{{ns:486}} {{ns:Data}} Data Extension:JsonConfig
{{ns:487}} {{ns:Data_talk}} Data talk  
{{ns:828}} {{ns:Module}} Module 扩展:Scribunto dex was
{{ns:829}} {{ns:Module_talk}} Module talk  
{{ns:1198}} {{ns:Translations}} Translations 扩展:翻译
{{ns:1199}} {{ns:Translations_talk}} Translations talk  
{{ns:2500}} {{ns:VisualEditor}} VisualEditor  
{{ns:2501}} {{ns:VisualEditor_talk}} VisualEditor talk  
{{ns:2600}} {{ns:Topic}} Topic Extension:Flow - 允许用户监视单个Flow话题讨论