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A coder is a user who has the technical functions to:

  • add new tags to revisions (codereview-add-tag)
  • remove tags from revisions (codereview-remove-tag)
  • change revisions status (codereview-set-status)
  • link authors to wiki users (codereview-link-user)
  • have one's own edits automatically marked as "checked" (autoreview)
  • have your edit marked as patrolled (autopatrol)
  • link authors to wiki users (codereview-link-user)
  • manage revision associations (codereview-associate)
  • review revisions (review)
  • mark revisions as being "quality" (validate)
  • sign off on revisions (codereview-signoff)
  • view the list of unreviewed pages (unreviewedpages)

In addition, coders can make new coders.

The user group is somewhat tied to Developers (not a wiki user group).

Requests for permissions