Meetings/Test framework/2010-08-13


Location: Skype
Attendees: Markus Glaser, Mark Hershberger, Priyanka Dhanda

Status Update[edit]

Mark Hershberger

  • Mostly concentrated on Cruisecontrol.
    • irc notifications
    • figuring out ant and xml and xslt
  • Wants to sanitize code and improve the way we use global variables (will help with testing)
Eg: lots of exit statements make testing hard, same with globals
  • Existing setup uses Cruisecontrol to setup Mediawiki
  • Point the grid to run tests against the mediawiki instance that Cruisecontrol set up
    • Changing the global variable to point to the mediawiki instance should work
  • One of the issues is to figure out how to dynamically configure Mediawiki between tests.

Markus Glaser mglaser on

  • Integrating Selenium with PHPUndercontrol at work. Should have a solution soon.
  • Discussion on coding conventions
    • started an email discussion on wikitech-l
    • will summarize what was proposed on wikitech-l
  • Needs to make a decision about directory structure
  • In the past has classes and static variables to get around globals in testing. Is this better?
  • Migrated mknight's tests to the framework. Went well
  • Wrote a migration guide (will put it on the Selenium Framework page on mediawiki).
  • May use a Bootstrap script needed to run the Selenium Framework via Cruisecontrol,

Priyanka Dhanda

  • Could not spend much time on the Selenium Framework. Was working on some other WMF projects.

Next Steps[edit]

  • Markus and Mark H. will co-ordinate to figure out how to run Selenium tests from Cruisecontrol.
  • Markus: Complete migration document and share it with someone who can try it out.
  • Mark H: Selenium cruisecontrol integration.
  • Priyanka (with help from Markus): Figure out how to run a a subset of tests instead of all tests.
  • Priyanka (using feedback from wikitech-l): Change the configuration dynamically for tests.
  • Markus: Get an irc nick and hang out on #mediawiki
  • Markus: Invite Dan Nessett to the next status update meeting.