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Ryan Lane
Ryan Lane
DevOps Engineer, Lyft
Unicorns for all!

About me


My work

I'm the creator of Wikimedia Labs. I do random volunteer operations work for the Foundation. You can read more about some of the things I do on my blog.

Contact me

  • E-mail:

Active projects[edit]

Extensions I maintain[edit]

Other ways to find me[edit]

Online profiles[edit]

IRC (freenode)[edit]

  • #mediawiki
  • #wikimedia-dev
  • #wikimedia-tech
  • #wikimedia-operations
  • #wikimedia-labs
  • #openstack
  • #openstack-dev
  • #openstack-infra
  • #salt
  • #webplatform

How to ask for extension support[edit]

Please ask for extension support on the discussion page of the extension. You can also email me through this wiki; however, I prefer to give support in open forums so that everyone can benefit from the answers. Bugs for OpenStackManager, DynamicSidebar, OATHAuth, and LdapAuthentication can be added via bugzilla.