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Wikimedia Git repository has this file:

The is a script to archive discussion pages.

How it works?[edit | edit source]

The bot examines backlinks (Special:Whatlinkshere) to the requested page(s). It then goes through all pages (or a specific page if specified using options) and archives old discussions. This is done by breaking a page into threads, then scanning each thread for timestamps. Threads older than a specified threshold are then moved to another page (the archive), the name of which can be based on either the thread's name or a counter that is incremented when the archive reaches a certain size. For a documentation on on-wiki setup, please see

Parameters[edit | edit source]

Usage: [options] [LINKPAGE(s)]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FILE, --file=FILE  load list of pages from FILE
  -p PAGE, --page=PAGE  archive a single PAGE
  -n NAMESPACE, --namespace=NAMESPACE
                        only archive pages from a given namespace
  -s SALT, --salt=SALT  specify salt
  -F, --force           override security options
  -c PAGE, --calc=PAGE  calculate key for PAGE and exit
  -l LOCALE, --locale=LOCALE
                        switch to locale LOCALE
  -L lang, --lang=lang  current language code
  -T TIMEZONE, --timezone=TIMEZONE
                        switch timezone to TIMEZONE
  -S --simulate         Do not change pages, just simulate