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MediaWiki Virtual Library

These books are part of the MediaWiki Virtual Library (MVL) on MediaWiki.

Numbering scheme: mwbook #01 .. mwbook #99

MediaWiki's Virtual Library edit

book number

Title Shortcut PDF
E-book (epub)
Pages (circa) Filesize (circa) Comment
mwbook #01 MediaWiki Developer's Guide MDG PDF


300 5 MB first book on MediaWiki; for newbies and experienced programmers
mwbook #02 MediaWiki Security Guide MSG PDF


55 1 MB what you need to know about security issues and best practices; includes a First-Aid section
mwbook #03 MediaWiki Interwiki and Interlanguage Guide MIG PDF


19 0.5 MB how to efficiently link pages between wikis and projects
mwbook #04 MediaWiki Developer's Style Guide MST PDF


23 1.6 MB how to..
mwbook #05 MediaWiki Application Programming Interface API Guide MAG PDF


31 0.5 MB under construction:

You are invited to add meaningful articles to the book

mwbook #06 MediaWiki Git Guide MGG PDF


100 5 MB  


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