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Preloading contents

It is possible to preload some contents with Structured Discussions. You can create a link with some parameters, and these parameters will preload the Title and the text fields.

To do this, you can use these two parameters on a Structured Discussions Board:

  • topiclist_preloadtitle= - will preload the Title field with the text you add after the =
  • topiclist_preload= - will preload the text field with a page (usually as subpage) that you call after the = (does not works with simple text)


If there is no content on given page, nothing is preloaded.

Current limitations

It is not possible to preload the Summary at the moment.

It is not possible to preload Templates at the moment.

It is not possible to preload simple text on the message field: topiclist_preload=Hello will not work.

It is not possible to add preloadparams.


  • 不要翻译参数
  • Use magic words like canonicalurl or urlencode to be sure your link will work with special characters or spaces on your wiki.