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RC patrolling

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Patrolling è il termine usato per descrivere quando più utenti esaminano le ultime modifiche al wiki per verificare che siano conformi alle regole del wiki. Questo viene eseguito al fine di annullare rapidamente modifiche indesiderate, spamming, copyviol e vandalismo.

After reviewing a change, people can mark changes as having been "patrolled" or "approved", which allows other people to skip that change and review another change. This allows people (those who can see it) to coordinate their patrolling activity, such that all edits get checked at least once, but with less wasted effort (multiple people checking the same edit). This patrolling mechanism is called patrolled edits or also, with a more generic term, RC patrolling (recent changes patrolling); some wikis only use new pages patrolling.

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