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As of Gerrit change 92468, CentralAuth provides an interface to rename global users. This depends on the Renameuser extension, and requires the user to have the "centralauth-rename" userright. Global rename will assume that the user has the proper rights to move pages, suppress redirects, etc.

CentralAuth global renameuser.png

Trusted users should go to "Special:GlobalRenameUser", and will see a form similar to the form used for local renames. Enter the name of the user you wish to rename, what their new name should be, a reason to be used in log entries, and whether to move pages, and if so, whether to leave redirects behind. Before the form is submitted, you will be asked one final time to confirm that you are sure you wish to rename the account.

If chosen, pages will be moved under your username. If you do not have an account on that wiki, or are unable to autocreate an account there due to a conflict, a placeholder name of "Global rename script" will be used. Any protection or restrictions (e.g., TitleBlacklist, AbuseFilter) will be bypassed.

There are some restrictions on what can be renamed:

  • The current user must have a global account.
  • There cannot be a global account at the new name.
  • The new name must be completely unused on all wikis.
  • You cannot rename yourself.

Once you press "Submit", renames will be queued on all wikis using the job queue. At this time, the user will be unable to log in to their account, and any existing sessions will be automatically logged out. They will not be able to login again (using their new username) until the rename finishes. The page "Special:GlobalRenameProgress" is available for users to see the status of their request.

CentralAuth-Global rename progress.PNG

Each wiki where they have an account will be listed, with a status of either "Queued", "In progress", "Done", or "Failed". Queued means the job is still in the queue. In progress means the job is currently running. Done means the job has finished successfully. Failed means the job failed, and the account will remain locked until recovered by a sysadmin.

Recovering a "locked" account[edit]

This section has been moved to wikitech:Stuck global renames.

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