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Mediawiki group: Browser testing[edit]

This group welcomes anyone interested in the automated browser testing project of WMF. Technical skills and programming experience are NOT required. Participants will be interested in at least one area of the project:

  • Contributing thoughtful, detailed descriptions and examples in English of the behavior of particular features of Wikipedia software, in order to make the automated tests for those features as relevant as possible. People who can provide such detailed descriptions are strongly encouraged to participate whether or not they have technical skills or programming experience.
  • Analyzing the results of tests run, particularly failed tests, in order to provide timely reports of software issues in Bugzilla and directly to the WMF development staff. Again, participants need not have technical skills or programming experience, although knowledge of (or the desire to learn about) in-browser developer tools and consoles is useful in this role.
  • Contributing code in the Ruby programming language to implement automated regression tests to be run in multiple browsers. This project uses a suite of software tools on the cutting edge of what is possible in automated browser testing today, and aims to be a world-class, open, reference implementation of such a project. Programming experience in browser automation is required to contribute to much of the code base, but programming roles for enthusiastic beginners are available.


Date Type Event Contact
13 March 2013 Browser testing QA: Browser automation testing for Wikipedia Search Zeljko.filipin, Qgil, Cmcmahon

Pair programming on Fridays[edit]

Željko and Chris pair program on tests every Friday (at least!). You can help us decide what to work on next, and you can join in if you want. Pairing is the best way to write tests.

We are a small team. Contributing to our test backlog not only helps insure that our software works correctly, it gives YOU skills you can take away.

Pair! Collaborate! Drop us tests on the backlog if you're too busy to talk in person. Given/When/Then mastery is not necessary, we can work with any plain language description of how a software feature should work.