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possible test even though it's not user-like

Cmcmahon(WMF) (talkcontribs)

This might be worth doing:

(04:52:51 PM) spagewmf: chrismcmahon thanks. Do your tests make the basic assertion that all the modules loaded OK?
(04:53:29 PM) spagewmf: ori-l figured out the JS for it, see assertNoModuleFailures at end of
(04:53:30 PM) chrismcmahon: spagewmf: nope. those tests just manipulate elements in the DOM in various ways, like a user would. 
(04:59:17 PM) spagewmf: chrismcmahon, IMO every page that a test loads should make that assertion, it seems the #1 cause of brokenness in deployments. Works in browser console too. mw.loader.getModuleNames().filter(function (module) { return mw.loader.getState(module) === "error"; })
(05:04:57 PM) chrismcmahon: spagewmf:  I would think there would be a better tool than selenium to do that with.  maybe not.
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