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A typicam visum Fréttinga

Fréttinga est parva in municipio MungoLand, locata in BaMungo insula. It exercituum a populatio circa CD populus. Habet aliquam agriculturae piscandum aestivo tempore ut peregrinatores invisit. Habet mirabile litora cum multum seagulls. It hosts a population of about 400 people. It has some agriculture and fishing and tourists like to visit it in the summer time. It has marvelous beaches with a lot of seagulls.


Non multa officia. Est insula tabernam car pendentes visitat semel a continenti.

In 2009 January the roof of the church in the island fell down. It was rebuilt collaboratively in the following summer.

Main gestarum:

  • Corruit tectum ecclesiae MMIX
  • New MDCCCLXXVII ædificaverat in ecclesia