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We have the Tuesday 2013-12-10 1pm (13:00-15:00 PDT) deployment window for our deployment to enable Flow on a few pages on mediawiki.org

The pages[edit]

Talk:Flow QA, Talk:Sandbox, Talk:Flow
testwiki:Talk:Flow QA, testwiki:Talk:Sandbox
test2wiki:Talk:Flow QA, test2wiki:Talk:Sandbox

There's no content to archive:


  • N Not done Reedy +1 on Gerrit change 94106 we deployed outselves
  • In progress In progress Chris Steipp security review bug 57270, met Monday 2013-12-01 9:30 PST
  • Yes Done ops (Faidon) OK bug 57279
  • Yes Done We won't have dedicated memcache servers for this
  • Yes Done this plan. Talk:Flow live at 2013-12-11 15:24 PST!


  • Yes Done Edit the pages to say "Flow team will enable Flow on this page on 2013-12-04. After that, if you can see this then we reverted or something has gone wrong." For bonus points, make {{Flow-enabled}}.
  • Yes Done a DBA needs to create 'flowdb' on the extension1 cluster. RT ticket 6486 filed.

Deploy steps[edit]

The wikis involved are running 1.23wmf6. It's wikitech:How to deploy code#Case_1d: new extension, with some database changes.

L10n messages[edit]

Database tables and records[edit]

  • Yes Done Create Flow tables and workflow definitions in 'flowdb' on extension1 cluster.
    • Follow greg-g's e-mail to run these commands on host terbium, not tin:
    • Backport --wikidb parameter to maintenance/sql.php to wmf6 (Gerrit change 100909) and sync-file it.
    • On terbium run mwscript sql.php --wikidb=flowdb --cluster=extension1 --wiki=test2wiki extensions/Flow/flow.sql to create the tables on flowdb on extension1.
    • Fetch Gerrit change 94106 config change with wgFlowDefaultDb and wgFlowCluster settings (Flow still not enabled on any pages)
    • sync-file the updated wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php, InitialiseSettings-labs.php, and CommonSettings.php files in that order.
    • Run mwscript --wiki=test2wiki maintenance/FlowInsertDefaultDefinitions.php to add the default workflow definitions

(If we can't create the tables and default definitions then a DBA has to run the raw commands. RT ticket 6486 we succeeded)

Enable Flow[edit]

  • Yes Donepush out config changes that enable it on certain pages

Follow up[edit]

  • Yes Done monitor for errors.
    • only exception was someone crafting a bogus workflow UUID in a URL (we're working on it)
    • no fatals
  • Yes Done run QA tests on test2.mediawiki.org. (chrismcmahon did). Need to adjust user rights of Selenium_user (bug 58375)
    • probably have to fix beta cluster for Flow on separate flowdb (see Matthias comment) – we left beta cluster not using separate flowdb on separate cluster with separate ExternalStore.
    • Yes Done our labs config override didn't work, Gerrit change 100945 fixes.