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Manual de extensões do MediaWiki
External Data
Estado de lançamento: estável
Implementação Função do analisador , Página espacial
Descrição Allows for using and displaying values retrieved from various sources: external URLs and SOAP services, local wiki pages and local files (in CSV, JSON, XML and other formats), database tables, LDAP servers and local programs output.
Autor(es) Yaron Koren, Alexander Mashin and others
Última versão 3.3 (novembro de 2023)
Política de compatibilidade Original mantém a compatibilidade com versões anteriores.
MediaWiki 1.37+
Alterações à base de dados Sim
Composer mediawiki/external-data
Tabelas ed_url_cache
Licença GNU - Licença Pública Geral 2.0 ou superior
Transferência See Download and installation
Exemplo A page containing information retrieved from an external CSV file
  • $wgSources
  • $wgConnectors
  • $wgAllowGetters
  • $wgIntegratedConnectors
  • $wgVerbose
  • $wgParsers
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The External Data extension allows MediaWiki pages to retrieve, filter, and format structured data from one or more sources. These sources can include external URLs and SOAP services, regular wiki pages, uploaded files, files on the local server, databases, LDAP directories and local programs output.

The extension defines the following parser functions :

  • Data retrieval and handling functions, which set local variables and then display or store them:
  • In the Legacy mode the extension also defines data retrieval functions, which set local variables available with wikipage scope that can later be displayed using the above functions:
    • #get_external_data - recupera dados de várias fontes, substituindo qualquer uma das funções abaixo do analisador e os atribui a variáveis que podem ser acessadas na página.
    • #get_web_data - retrieves CSV, GFF, JSON, YAML, XML, HTML, ini, or free-form data from a URL and assigns it to variables that can be accessed on the page.
    • #get_soap_data - retrieves data from a URL via the SOAP protocol.
    • #get_file_data - retrieves data from a file on the local server, in the same formats as #get_web_data.
    • #get_db_data - retrieves data from a database.
    • #get_ldap_data - retrieves data from an LDAP server.
    • #get_program_data - retrieves data returned by a program run server-side.
    • #get_inline_data - parses data passed to it, in the same formats as #get_web_data.
    • and also #clear_external_data that erases the current set of retrieved data or only some variables.

It also defines a Lua function mw.ext.externalData.getExternalData that retrieves data and returns it as Lua table.

In the Legacy mode, the following additional Lua functions are also defined (there is one-to-one correspondence between parser functions retrieving data and Lua functions evident from their names):

  • mw.ext.externalData.getWebData
  • mw.ext.externalData.getFileData
  • mw.ext.externalData.getDbData
  • mw.ext.externalData.getSoapData
  • mw.ext.externalData.getLdapData
  • mw.ext.externalData.getProgramData
  • mw.ext.externalData.getInlineData

In tag emulation mode, the wiki site administrator can define additional parser tags.

This version of the External Data extension requires MediaWiki 1.37+.

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