Extension:External Data/Inline

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As of version 3.2, you can use External Data to get data from a structured piece of text (in a format like CSV, JSON, XML, etc.) contained directly within the relevant parser function or Lua function.

The recommended way to do this is to use one of the display functions (#external_value, #for_external_table, etc.), passing in the necessary parameters for the data retrieval. You can also retrieve inline data by calling either #get_inline_data or #get_external_data.

For any of these parser functions, you can also call its corresponding Lua function.


The following examples show inline data being retrieved via #get_inline_text and #get_external_data. To retrieve it instead using one of the display functions like #external_value, you should pass in the main text via the "text=" parameter, then add any other of the other necessary parameters to the same call.

Wikitext Result
{{#get_inline_data: text = {
    "title": "JSON",
    "description": "An example of JSON"
  | format = json with jsonpath
  | data = title = $.title, description = $.description
 * Title: {{#external_value:title}}.
 * Description: {{#external_value:description}}.
  • Title: JSON.
  • Description: An example of JSON.
{{#get_external_data: text =
 CSV,An example of comma-separated values
 * Format: {{#external_value:__format}}
 * Title: {{#external_value:title}}.
 * Description: {{#external_value:description}}.
  • Format: CSV
  • Title: CSV.
  • Description: An example of JSON.
 title: YAML
 description: An example of YAML
 * Title: {{#external_value:title}}.
 * Description: {{#external_value:description}}.
  • Title: YAML.
  • Description: An example of YAML.