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Cargo was mostly written by, and is maintained by, Yaron Koren. The "tag cloud" format was written by Cindy Cicalese. The "exhibit" format was written by Luis Morillas. The Cargo Lua library was written by StasR and Cindy Cicalese. Support for hierarchy fields was added by Feroz Ahmed as part of the Google Summer of Code 2017. An overhaul of Special:Drilldown, including adding support for parent tables, was done by Nikhil Kumar as part of the Google Summer of Code 2018. An overhaul of Special:CargoQuery (including changing the name, from Special:ViewData) was done by Ankita Mandal as part of the Google Summer of Code 2019. Important features and bug fixes have also been contributed by Ad Strack van Schijndel, Cody3647, Duncan Crane, Ed Hoo, IijimaYun, Namit Ohri, Paladox, Priyanshu Varshney, Tomás Bolaño, Sam Wilson, Vivek Ghaisas, Megan Cutrofello, Yash Varshney, Sanjay Thiyagarajan, Naresh Kumar, Thiemo Kreuz and others.

Translation of the software is done by many volunteers via translatewiki.net.

Cargo contains code copied in part from the following (open source) software:

Cargo's overall data and display design is inspired mostly by Semantic MediaWiki, and also in part by Miga.

Cargo also directly includes the following JavaScript libraries, again all open source:

Cargo additionally makes use of the jQuery, Moment.js and OOUI JavaScript libraries, all bundled within MediaWiki.

Finally, Cargo makes use of the following services: