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Who: Anyone who is interested in Collection AKA Book tool (but also Offline), including you! No technical knowledge needed, no obligations! It's a nice and easy way to get involved in the community or to give something back. Step by, say hello, and give it a try! :-)

What: Collection/Book/PDF/OCG Bug Day to re-triage or re-discuss old reports and new PDF issues against recent Collection and PDF rendering code.

When: On 2014-10-08, 14:00–22:00 UTC (Every Timezone).

Where: #wikimedia-tech connect on IRC, progress is updated at:

Testing to take place on your favourite wiki or Wikimedia project. Wikieducator can be used to test ePub/ZIM/ODT/DocBook export.

Process: everyone independently triage the areas of their interest, updating the etherpads and issue tracker; when in doubt on an issue or report, ask and discuss on the IRC channel.

See also How to triage for general information.

How to test PDF[edit]


  • Andre Klapper (lurking and very inactive)
  • Anomie
  • Azitrex
  • bawolff
  • Cscott
  • csteipp
  • ebraminio
  • Helder
  • jem
  • John Vandenberg
  • josu
  • Kelson (talk)
  • kepper
  • Nemo (Nemo_bis) (who already "eliminated" half of the 160 lost PediaPress tickets and updated half of the 130 Collection bugs)
  • Raymond
  • Reedy
  • Romaine
  • Rupert
  • User:Saper - I already went through most older Extension:Collection bugs in order to split actual extension bugs from the renderer(s) (this is bugzilla:69603). Review of those bugs is available in a spreadsheet).
  • Steinsplitter
  • valhallasw`cloud


Logs: m:IRC office hours/Office hours 2014-10-08.

Bugzilla: 38 new reports filed, 17 tickets under the "OCG" product and the "Collection" extension received updates, 3 reports closed.

PediaPress tickets[edit]

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See also https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Thread:Talk:PDF_rendering/Tables


Can't be understood from title only

Retriaged during bug day[edit]

Retriaged before bug day[edit]