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The following extensions can be used to export the contents of one or more wiki pages into a downloadable PDF file.

Extension Libraries used Last updated Notes
Collection + PDF Writer None 2014 Uses the outside server http://tools.pediapress.com to do PDF conversions; also supports export to other file formats, including OpenDocument and DocBook; exported PDFs can also be printed on demand via PediaPress
DocBookExport pandoc, xsltproc, Apache FOP 2018 Also enables export to DocBook format
ElectronPdfService electron-render-service 2018 Currently in use on Wikipedia (see example)
Mpdf mPDF 2018
PdfBook HTMLDOC 2017 The HTMLDOC library lacks support for non-ASCII Unicode characters.

Outdated extensions[edit]

The following extensions for PDF export are no longer maintained or usable.