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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: beta
Implementation Parser function
Description Lets you create DocBook from pages
Author(s) Nischay Nahata (Nischayn22talk)
MediaWiki 1.25
PHP 5.5+
Database changes No
License MIT License
Hooks used
Translate the DocBookExport extension if it is available at translatewiki.net
Check usage and version matrix.

The DocBookExport extension lets you create a DocBook from selected wiki pages. You can download the DocBook as an XML file or in PDF format.


Make sure that you installed all required dependencies on your server.
  • Download and place the file(s) in a directory called DocBookExport in your extensions/ folder.


Set the absolute path to your Pandoc software, defaults to "pandoc"


For Ubuntu use the following commands, replace the version number as per the latest release:
sudo wget https://github.com/jgm/pandoc/releases/download/2.2.1/pandoc-2.2.1-1-amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i pandoc-2.2.1-1-amd64.deb


To create a book define the page structure using the docbook parser function or tag extension. See examples below.

Parser function example:

page structure=
? Bowling Introduction
* How I buy shoes
* Testing page
** Buying clothes intro,Buying shoes(title=Buying the right clothes,header=section header)
? Appendix
|title=My Guide to Bowling
|cover page=Cover Contents
|header=My Guide to Bowling
|footer=My Guide to Bowling
|index term categories=index terms
|index terms=shoe,clothes

On saving the page two links will be made available to download the DocBook: one to download the DocBook as XML files in a zip file and another to download in PDF format.

The parameters shown can be customized as follows:

  • page structure is used to defines the wiki pages that will be part of the docbook as cover, sections and chapters. The first line starts with a '?' and indicates the cover, * indicates a chapter and ** indicates a section of that chapter. Sub-sections can be defined using *** or **** and so on. The last line again starts with a '?' and indicates the wiki page to be used as the appendix. Sometimes you may want to merge contents of multiple wiki pages to one section/chapter. For that you can add a comma separated list of such pages as well. You can also customize the title of such a section by adding the following wikitext (title=) at the end of the line. Similarly you can customize the header for a specific section by using the (header=) syntax at the end of the line as shown in the example.
  • title This parameter defines the name of the Docbook. This doesn't relate to any wiki page and is only used to name the files and the title of the docbook.
  • cover page This parameter specifies the wiki page to be used as the cover page.
  • headerThis parameter specifies the header to be used for every page of the docbook.
  • footerThis parameter specifies the footer to be used for every page of the docbook.
  • index terms This parameter is a comma separated list of terms that should be indexed.
  • index term categories If you have wiki pages for all your index terms you can add them to a category and mention it here.

DocBook supports figures which are images or other media that can be referenced elsewhere in the document. A separate list of figures is also prepared. To define a figure you need to use the Figures extension.


This extension has been written by WikiWorks for NATO.

Development and Help[edit]

Please contact WikiWorks for consulting on further developments, feature requests or bug fixes on this extension.

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