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Problems with UTF-8 and graphics

2 (talkcontribs)


the Extension itself is working, but i have two Problems.

First of all, the rendering of characters like ä, ü, ö, ß is not working correctly. I get outputs like ä, ü, ö, ß.

And the second problem is about the integration of Images. These are rendered way to big and are not scaled correctly to match the page size, so most of the images are filling a whole page and continue outside of the page.

Nischayn22 (talkcontribs)
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An empty PDF is generated no matter what page structure is provided

ClemFlip (talkcontribs)

Hi Friends,

Thank you for providing this extension. However, I am having difficulties to make it work!

I installed the extension and the dependencies without problem. But, as a result, an empty PDF is generated no matter what page structure is provided.

I looked into the code: In the callback function parseDocBookSyntax( &$parser, $options ) linked to the magic word ID "docbook", a property docbook with all the parameters for generating pdfs is supposed to be saved in the page_props table, but nothing is actually saved in this table ("var_dumping" the result of the query to this table in DocBookExportAPI always returns false).

Thanks for your help. Clement

Nischayn22 (talkcontribs)

Hi Clement,

Did you try var_dumping before its saving to the page_props table?

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This post was hidden by (history)
Reply to "An empty PDF is generated no matter what page structure is provided"
F.trott (talkcontribs)

Does this extension have a bug tracker? Cannot find it on Phabricator.

Yaron Koren (talkcontribs)

Not yet - it should. For now, I guess this is the best place to report bugs.

Samwilson (talkcontribs)

@Nischayn22: do you want a Phabricator project for this?

Nischayn22 (talkcontribs)

Its not bad to have that. Though I would be active here on the talk page as well.

Reply to "Bug tracker?"
Samwilson (talkcontribs)

This sounds interesting!

But the repo link doesn't work. :-(

Nischayn22 (talkcontribs)
Samwilson (talkcontribs)

Oh cool, thanks.

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