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Architecture Repository[edit]

Wikimedia systems architecture


Our mission is to architect:

  • a modern platform
  • that can serve collections of knowledge and information,
  • created from multiple trusted sources,
  • to nearly-infinite product experiences and other platforms.

Exploring this repository

I want to:


Wikimedia system capabilities diagram

Read and learn

Move knowledge into a mind


Share and discuss knowledge everywhere


Lead a seeker of information to the information

Serve and distribute

Distribute predictably-structured knowledge to products and platforms


Create and change knowledge

All capabilities

Architecture practice

The Wikimedia Architecture Team works with Product and Technology teams to deliver conceptual artifacts such as models, workshops, diagrams, strategic recommendations, and prototypes that move the system towards its highest-value goals.

Decision making

Technical decision forum and decision records

How we can help

Architecture process

Maturity model

The architecture maturity model defines and rates architecture capabilities within a progression from initial to optimizing.


In the context of systems architecture, heuristics are trusted, time-tested guidelines for problem solving.

Glossary and toolset

Terms, definitions, and tools related to Wikimedia system architecture


Our favorite books and resources to continue your systems architecture study

Core team

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Kate Chapman
Team lead
Moriel Schottlender
Diana Montalion
Dana Bredemeyer
Alex Paskulin
Technical writing


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