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How to maintain the Architecture Repository

Last updated: 2022-12-16 by APaskulin (WMF)
Status: Ongoing development

Page format[edit]

All subpages of Architecture Repository must start with:

{{Architecture Repository}}
<div style="max-width:1000px; padding-left:20px;">

<section begin=excerpt/>ADD_EXCERPT_HERE<section end=excerpt/>

{{Last updated}}<br>
'''Status''': ADD_STATUS_HERE



The excerpt must be a short description of the subject of the page, no longer than one sentence. It may be a sentence fragment. Excerpts appear at the top of the page and are used on navigation pages. To use an excerpt on a navigation page, add the following template:


Table of contents[edit]

For a left-aligned table of content, {{toclimit|align=right}} may be replaced with __TOC__. For landing pages or short pages, {{toclimit|align=right}} may be replaced with __NOTOC__.


The page status field provides helpful context around the state of a document. Page statues can be customized to include any useful information. Here are a few example statues used in the Repository:

Page content is incomplete, pending review, or otherwise not finalized.
Ongoing development
Page content is valid and reliable but can be expected to change periodically, most likely by addition. This is a useful status for landing pages and lists.
v1 released January 1, 2020
v2 released December 1, 2020, added lessons learned
Page content was finalized on the date listed. The version number should start at 1 and increment whenever a significant change has been made. Incremented versions should include a brief note about the change made, relying on page history for a complete diff. Dates must be written out fully to avoid confusion between date formats.

Max width[edit]

The maximum width and padding styles are intended to improve readability[1] and create a consistent layout across the Repository.

Creating a page[edit]

Input boxes are used to provide a shortcut to creating pages with the required formatting by preloading Architecture Repository/Process/Template.

Creates a page with the prefix: Architecture Repository/