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Wikipedia in the classroom[edit]

Empower teachers and educators to utilize Wikipedia's content for the classroom

Last updated: 2022-12-16 by APaskulin (WMF)
Status: v1 published September 2021


Alice is a teacher from South Africa. She wants to write a lesson plan about king protea, the national flower of South Africa. She goes on Wikipedia and looks for the flower’s name and family. She is presented with relevant pieces of information contextually linked to the flower, family, and related information. Alice uses these pieces to build a handout with factoids, citations, and images she can send to her students. She then uses the information to help her construct the lesson plan.

Enabled by these architecture patterns[edit]

  • Canonical data model: Storing structured content with tags and other metadata allows us to create collections of information across projects and discover knowledge in new and surprising ways.
  • Loose coupling: When the system is decoupled, it’s easy to create another way to view our data, allowing new products and views to be created easily and quickly for a vast array of target audiences.