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General[edit | edit source]

Whit's VeesualEediter?
VeesualEediter is ae saffware deveelipmant ineetiateeve bi the Wikimedia Foundation that will pemit fawk tae eedit pages in MediaWiki wioot needin tae learn wikitex syntax. Wi VeesualEediter, formattin pages will wairk fair sicklik til ae waird processor – while eeditin, the tex will luik lik it will efter it's hained.
Why is this change being made?
The complex wiki markup syntax used by the old editing window is the biggest barrier to making the first edit, and therefore the biggest barrier to beginning the path that could lead to someone's becoming a productive, experienced member of the editing community. To increase the number of successful first attempts at editing, we need a better editing system. Please read our longer explanation for more details.
Where do I go to learn more about using VisualEditor?
Please see the VisualEditor User guide.
When will VisualEditor be enabled on my wiki?
The current schedule for future rollouts is posted at mw:VisualEditor/Rollouts. More than half of Wikipedias received VisualEditor as an option for all users during 2013. VisualEditor is available as an opt-in Beta Feature to almost all logged-in users at all Wikimedia Foundation projects except Wiktionary and Wikisource.
Why are you deploying the software even though development is not finished?
The software has features to be added and issues to be resolved. Ultimately, the best way to detect bugs and identify missing features is to have as many people as possible using the software and playing with it. While we know that bugs are disruptive in the short term, they will be fixed, and the current use is what lets us identify things that need fixing.
I found an issue with VisualEditor. How can I tell you to fix it?
If you're willing and able, please report the issue in Phabricator in the "VisualEditor" product. Most large Wikipedias also have a wiki page dedicated to feedback about VisualEditor; see the list on Wikidata. There is also a central feedback page on
How do I disable VisualEditor?
To continue to edit the wikitext directly, simply click the "Eedit soorce" button instead of "Eedit". On section edit links, you can open the classic wikitext editor for that section by clicking "eedit soorce" instead of the regular "eedit" link.
Ae featur is missin in VeesualEediter. Hou dae Ah speir til ye tae eik it?
Some features ar bein deveelipt the nou or planned (lik support fer poems or museecal scores; eeeditin mathemateecal formulae is available aes ae Beta Featur). The Roadmap n the Wikimedia engineerin draft goals fer 2013–2014 provide some addeetional information aes weel. Gif ye canna fynd onie referance til the new featur that ye'd lik tae suggest, please haun it in uisin the same process uised tae report aen issue.
Will it still be possible tae eedit uisin wikitex efter VeesualEediter becomes the primarie eeditin interface?
Ay. While VeesualEediter will become the defaut eeditin environment, ae methid fer eeditin the unnerlyin “soorce” tex will continue tae exeest. Thaur's nae plans tae remuiv the “Eedit soorce” optie.
Can I use familiar wikimarkup like [[ ]] and {{ }} in VisualEditor?
No. Instead, please use the linking and template features. See VisualEditor User guide for more about how to use VisualEditor.
Why is my browser not supported?
Building a modern editing interface for Wikipedia and its sister wiki is a technical challenge, but it's possible using modern web technologies and standards. Unfortunately, some browsers don't support many of the features we need for VisualEditor. We're doing our best to support the most common browsers: VisualEditor works well with the most recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. It also works in Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and 11. Support for Internet Explorer 9 is planned. Trying to work around the limitations of older browsers would divert resources from improvements that would benefit the majority of users. We encourage you to upgrade to a supported browser and, if you can't, to continue to edit using the source wikitext editor. (See VisualEditor/Target browser matrix for specific details.)
Dis VeesualEediter wairk wi Wikisource's ProofreadPage, or Wiktionair's templates, n ither featurs that Wikipædia disna hae?
VeesualEediter is yinlie enabled oan Wikipædia steids the nou, bit we hae designed it tae be flexeeble enooch tae be uised oan aw Wikimedia steids. Efter deployin til Wikipædia we will wairk tae mak sair that VeesualEediter wairks weel wi featurs speceefeec til sister steids.
Can I install VisualEditor on my personal wiki outside Wikimedia?
Yes, at your own risk. VisualEditor and Parsoid extensions are available for download but they're still experimental; note that Parsoid requires nodeJS. If you do install and use them, please let us know what worked and what didn't in Phabricator.
Dis VeesualEediter mak autæmateec fixes til pages?
In maist cases, VeesualEediter will na mak chynges til formattin oan lines that'r na bein directlie eeditit. In cases whaur maurkup that's awreadie oan the page is haunled oncorrectlie (fer example, wi buirds that'r na claised), it micht attempt tae set thir richt.
Ma speirin isna here. Whau dae Ah speir?
Ye can speir oan the VeesualEediter feedback page oan yer wiki (see the leet oan Wikidata) or oan the central feedback page oan