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How to Change Localhost Domain Name?


I used to run a few private wikis on my localhost a few years ago (MediaWiki versions 1.18.5, 1.19.2, and a few others), until my computer died. Now I'm trying to pick up the pieces and recreate my wiki on a new computer. Right now, my wiki's URL looks like this:


(I've given it a short URL).

I'd like it to look more like this:

I know there was a way to do this, because I had multiple wikis with "fake" domain names running on my localhost, but I can't seem to figure out how I did it. Hopefully you guys here at the Support desk can help me find the proper way to do this?

Thanks in advance!

OS: Windows 8.1

XAMPP-Portable: 5.6.3

MediaWiki: 1.24.1

PHP: 5.6.3 (apache2handler)

MySQL: 5.6.21

URL: N/A, Private wiki on localhost

Glameglumps33 (talk)18:46, 1 February 2015

Fake domain names can be set up by editing the hosts file somewhere in the Windows folder. For the wiki to produce URLs with a different domain name in them, you have to change the value of $wgServer to what you want the domain to be., 1 February 2015

Lua error: Cannot create process: proc_open(/dev/null): failed to open stream: Operation not permitted

MediaWiki 1.22.2 PHP 5.4.24 (litespeed) MySQL 5.5.32-cll-lve Lua 5.1.5

I'm trying to get Infoboxes to work on my website, but keep getting the above mentioned error message in all my templates. I have given public_html/wiki/extensions/Scribunto/engines/LuaStandalone/binaries/lua5_1_5_linux_64_generic/lua a 755 permission, added:

require_once __DIR__ . "/extensions/Scribunto/Scribunto.php"; $wgScribuntoDefaultEngine = 'luastandalone';

to my local_settings.php file but nothing works. Any ideas what might be the problem?, 31 January 2014
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Last edit: 02:25, 1 February 2014

Does the user apache is running as have rights to open /dev/null ?

Bawolff (talk)02:25, 1 February 2014

Hi Bawolff.

Do we set the access in http.conf or 'chown' the 'null' file?

Your help would be appreciated!

Ausrpdesigns (talk)11:00, 20 March 2014

Usually /dev/null is read-writable by everyone. That is how it should be. Check what the permissions on that file are

Could perhaps be other things, if for example php/lua is restricted from accessing files outside its working directory or something like that.

Bawolff (talk)01:39, 21 March 2014

Permissions look fine for /dev/null - crw-rw-rw.

This is strange as I was previously receiving the script error - 'attempt to index field 'text' (a nil value)', now I'm receiving this '/dev/null' error. You can see my previous thread here

When I try to enable my lua error file - 'Lua error: Cannot create process: proc_open(/mysite/tmp/lua-error.log): failed to open stream: Permission denied'. I tested with 777 permissions on the /tmp/ dir but no luck.

I'm not sure what changed permission wise but I read somewhere it could be my /image/ folder? not sure how its related tho.


Ausrpdesigns (talk)10:56, 25 March 2014

Hi did U find an issue to LUA Error : Impossible de créer le processus : proc_open(/dev/null): failed to open stream: Operation not permitted, 1 February 2015

Login error

Hello, I have a problem on my website:
I cannot not enter my user account there, and the strange problem is, it happens when a user obtains administrator rights.
I have no idea what causes this strange problem, or it might be a bug, or it depends on the version of the MediaWiki.
It is such a bother, because it clearly acts that way towards contributors that has administrator rights or bureacrat rights.
And that caused me to prevent to log into my user account.

Hopefully you guys can help me out what the problem is.
I thank you for your time.

KidProdigy (talk)14:22, 1 February 2015

Process mediawiki text of a page via Lua before showing it

Hello guys,

I write the German Wikibook b:de:Mathe für Nicht-Freaks. For this I use Lua to generate the navigation header and the footer dynamically. Now I want also to have the ability to process the mediawiki text via Lua before it goes to the Parser. To archive this I can write something like this:




In the function page() of the module Page I now can process the content before I return it. Unfortunately the section editing does not work anymore with this solution. Because the whole content is encapsulated in a module invocation, also editing the page with the VisualEditor does not work very well.

Is there anything I can do to process the mediawiki text beforehand without having the problems mentioned above?

Stephan Kulla (talk)14:06, 1 February 2015

User script interdependencies

I ask this question specifically in the context of the English Wikipedia, but I suppose it's equally valid for any MediaWiki installation. I originally asked these questions here, and copy them here in the hope of more support.

I'm starting to try and work with userscripts a little, and, probably due to my inexperience with both javascript and with mediawiki, I'm running in to a couple of questions. The questions all have to do with loading and dependencies.

  • I would like to use some functions/objects in multiple scripts. What is the suggested way to inject the dependencies into the executing script? There are the functions importScript, mw.loader.load and mw.loader.using([1]). I can't figure out how to inject the dependencies in to the executing script however, other than injecting them into the global namespace and picking them up from there, which can't be the intention. mw.loader.using takes a callback as an argument, but that callback doesn't have parameters for the dependencies. It returns a promise, but I can't find what the promise contains (it looks like nothing).
  • Scripts that actually do something other than providing functions tend to depend on the DOM, which may be built asynchronously. The mediawiki guidelines advice to use the mw.hook events rather than document.ready, which seems reasonable, but the three listed events there seem to be rather sparse. My specific usecase for now is adding a portlet link. I'd like it to be general, but I'd settle for it only working on Vector. On which event should I add that?
Martijn Hoekstra (talk)10:06, 30 January 2015

I wasn't aware of the mw.hook thing, but for things like portlet links that are not in article content you can use document.ready events without problems.

Example code with dependencies:

$(function() {
	// Code that will run when the page has finished loading
	mw.loader.using(['mediawiki.api', 'jquery.ui.dialog']).done(function() {
		// Code that will run when all dependencies have been loaded and are available on the page
Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:50, 30 January 2015

Well, that at least solves the document ready problem; it's not a problem. But I still don't get how I can depend on my own userscripts. For example, if I have User:Martijn Hoekstra/somedependency.js

    var myutilities = {
      do_my_thing: function(){
         // code that will do my thing
    //I want to expose myutilities to other scripts somehow now, preferably not through the global namespace but I don't know how

Then when I have User:Martijn Hoekstra/mydependingscript.js

  mw.loader.using(['some way to refer to User:Martijn Hoekstra/somedependency.js, what goes here?']).done(function(mydependency) {

how do I get a hold of the dependency in User:Martijn Hoekstra/somedependency.js?

Martijn Hoekstra (talk)11:55, 30 January 2015

You'll need to use $.getScript for that, passing the complete URL of the script (if it's a wiki page, with the &action=raw&ctype=text/javascript query string):

  $.getScript('/w/index.php?title=User:Martijn_Hoekstra/somedependency.js&action=raw&ctype=text%2Fjavascript').done(function() {

Note that it doesn't allow cross-domain requests, so the script must be on the same wiki. Otherwise, there's no way to do that, except if you save your function in a sort of global variable and make the script attempt to read that variable to execute the function upon being loaded.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)12:02, 31 January 2015

Thank you for helping me further. Where does the variable mydependency come from in that example? Do I have to return it from the dependency? Or do I have to attach it to the window object? Also, wouldn't this load and execute the dependency every time it is depended upon?

Martijn Hoekstra (talk)15:07, 31 January 2015

There's no actual dependency handling for user scripts. If you want that you'll need to write an extension for it, or wait for gadgets 3.0 (don't hold your breath)., 1 February 2015

SemanticForms: False positive warning about cross-site request forgery when submitting edit

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Last edit: 16:26, 3 September 2014

When creating my first property in a newly downloaded semantic (forms 2.7) system running on a mostly new 1.23.1 wiki ( i get the following error when hitting save or preview.

"This appears to be a cross-site request forgery; canceling save."

so i went around now totally understand whats happening with CSRF and why its there and all that. But for the life of me i can not figure out how to fix the problem. I havent edited my core mediawiki files but looking at the editpage.php i can see what i expect is correct to allow tokens. "var $mTokenOk = false;" I can;t figure out of the problem is a forms problem or a wiki problem, but i see the code in the forms code for the error.

My question is, what have i done, or not done, to cause this error. Any hint to lead me in the right direction would be great. Thanks! --Dale>, 3 September 2014

I was just involved in a discussion about CSRF and SemanticForms and Yaron said he took care of this in the latest version.

Maybe you can help us figure out how you are getting this?

MarkAHershberger(talk)16:45, 3 September 2014

If latest version is 1.23.3 i have that ready to upgrade, but old time IT guy like me doesn't upgrade during a problem unless its a known fix. Shall I wait for Yaron here or open up a discussion on his page? Thanks!, 3 September 2014

I was hoping he would respond to the mention of his name here (I think that is part of Echo), but he didn't.

You appear to be running the latest version of SemanticForms, so I don't think upgrading would help.

I've sent him an email asking him to come look at this.

MarkAHershberger(talk)23:48, 3 September 2014

A start would be to tell us what is giving you that message: What browser are you using? Any browser extensions?

MarkAHershberger(talk)16:46, 3 September 2014

A well IE 11.09 Chrome 37 both produced the same error. Also has done it on 3 machines with none of the same extensions installed on different versions of IE. So i eliminated the browser as the default problem. Do note that i'm machines live in a Active Directory Domain, which always could cause some sort of limitation that is hidden.

When i run the create a category page i get no such error and successfully created a category. I have not run a Create a Class or templateyet because i simply haven't gotten to that stage (I am learning all this semantic stuff this week), 3 September 2014

Note i did get a person to try it with a non-domain'ed machine in Chrome 37 and they got the same error (With my account). Which gives me the idea to try another account... will ask another admin to try., 3 September 2014 is the page with the problem., 3 September 2014

Confirmed another admin level user had same problem., 3 September 2014

I have the same issue ... I run a BlueSpice MW (2.23) on MediaWiki (1.23.7) with SMW 2.0 and I am unable to add attributes. In fact, the entire attribut thing appears to be broken:

    NO_VALID_VALUE mit Datentyp Text (0 Vorkommen)
    NO_VALID_VALUE mit Datentyp Zahl (0 Vorkommen)
    NO_VALID_VALUE mit Datentyp Quellcode (0 Vorkommen)
    NO_VALID_VALUE mit Datentyp Zahl (0 Vorkommen)
    NO_VALID_VALUE mit Datentyp Datum (0 Vorkommen)
    NO_VALID_VALUE mit Datentyp Wahrheitswert (0 Vorkommen)
    NO_VALID_VALUE mit Datentyp Seite (0 Vorkommen)
    NO_VALID_VALUE mit Datentyp Datum (0 Vorkommen)

That looks quite strange

I tried fixing it through the SMW admin desk and an update in the terminal but to no avail. I try a second attempt in a VM with MW on 1.24.

Temptuousinsolence (talk)09:11, 11 December 2014

Same Probleme here with BlueSpice 2.23, mediawiki 1.23.7 SemanticForms 3.1 (1b189e3). When i try to define a new propertie got this error : This appears to be a cross-site request forgery; canceling save., 15 January 2015

I found the source and a bypass to the problem. When Bluespice extension "WikiAdmin" is activated, it seams to remove the namespace created by the Semantic MediaWiki extention, to be more precise, the Property, Type and Concept Namespace (and there "talk" ones). So when Forms try to add something to a namespace that no longer exist, it give the cross-site request forgery. The bypass I found is not "by the book", but it works. Just create the namespaces somewhere else, I put them in the LocalSettings.php by adding these lines:

$wgExtraNamespaces[102] = "Property";
$wgExtraNamespaces[103] = "Property_talk";
$wgExtraNamespaces[104] = "Type";
$wgExtraNamespaces[105] = "Type_talk";
$wgExtraNamespaces[108] = "Concept";
$wgExtraNamespaces[109] = "Concept_talk";

Hope it helps!, 23 January 2015

I found the source and a bypass to the problem. When Bluespice extension "WikiAdmin" is activated, it seams to remove the namespace created by the Semantic MediaWiki extention, to be more precise, the Property, Type and Concept Namespace (and there "talk" ones). So when Forms try to add something to a namespace that no longer exist, it give the cross-site request forgery. The bypass I found is not "by the book", but it works. Just create the namespaces somewhere else, I put them in the LocalSettings.php by adding these lines:

$wgExtraNamespaces[102] = "Property";
$wgExtraNamespaces[103] = "Property_talk";
$wgExtraNamespaces[104] = "Type";
$wgExtraNamespaces[105] = "Type_talk";
$wgExtraNamespaces[108] = "Concept";
$wgExtraNamespaces[109] = "Concept_talk";

Hope it helps!, 23 January 2015

Yes, it does ... curiously enough, it does not work with the language settings on "en", to whcih I had switched to in order to do some bugtracking with phpunit, but once I changed back to de and disabled my own namespace additions, it worked. Yet, I cannot say that I fully understand why. Nevertheless, thanks a lot ...

Temptuousinsolence (talk)08:55, 26 January 2015

Yes for me too thanks!.. after trying a number of other work arounds, your solution worked on a clean install of MediaWiki/Bluespice and Semantic Mediawili., 1 February 2015

Cite/Scribunto Error

When using Cite web/book/journal I get the following error:

"Fatal error: Call to undefined method OutputPage::getTarget() in /home4/cms/public_html/ on line 379"

I am currently using Mediawiki 1.24.1 and have the latest installation of both Cite and Scribunto, so I'm not sure why there is a problem using citations. The line in the Scribunto file referenced says the following:

"if ( $outputPage->getTarget() === 'mobile' ) {"

Also, when editing the page before the error starts, I notice a template is missing, Quoted text. I tried finding the Quoted_text template but Wikipedia does not appear to have it. I suspect that is a separate error though as removing all citations results in the page working even though it still says that template is missing.

Perhaps there is an issue with mobile compatibility somehow?, 1 February 2015

I tried downloading two new extensions, MobileApp and MobileFrontEnd. When I downloaded MobileFrontEnd, the entire wiki reverted somehow to a previous version, and is now saying the version is 1.21.0rc5 - resulting in an error message for the entire wiki., 1 February 2015

Now it is giving an error of "Fatal error: Call to undefined method MagicWord::matchStartToEnd() in /home4/cms/public_html/___/extensions/ParserFunctions/ParserFunctions_body.php on line 227"

That line in ParserFunctions says the following:

"} elseif ( $defaultFound || $mwDefault->matchStartToEnd( $test ) ) {", 1 February 2015

Database error

Not sure if anyone have had this problem before. My wiki page have working normal up until a couple of days ago. When I try to access my site, I get the following

A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software.

Query: SELECT page_title FROM `page` WHERE page_is_redirect = '0' AND page_namespace = '8' AND (page_title NOT LIKE '%/%' ) AND (page_len > 10000) Function: MessageCache::loadFromDB(en)-big Error: 1146 Table '' doesn't exist (mysqlhost3)

What's strange is when I try show the tables using putty, it shows that I have a table called page. But when I used the command to select * from page, it says the table does not exist.

Has anyone had this problem before? If so, how did you fix it?

littledevils32611:29, 31 January 2015

Are you rally sure that the wiki is using the same database, meaning the one, on which you tried running the SELECT query? Or are you maybe unintendedly using a test instance or so at one place?

If this is not the problem, then it might be that the MySQL server was updated or the database files were moved. If that is the case, restarting the MySQL service and/or receating the database should help., 31 January 2015

Yes this is same database wiki is using. My site had been working fine and I never changed anything, but it's not working now. Regarding the MySQL server, putty shows a list of table names, one of which is 'page' (see above error message) but it complains that the table does not exist. However, when I access my tables through phpmyadmin, I don't have the table 'page'., 31 January 2015

Who is hosting your site? Is it on your local PC? If it is run on someone else's server, ask him, if he changed anything. My best guess until now is that something got broken with the InnoDB tablespace. This most likely happens at one of two occasions: Someone moved the tablespace files, e.g. during a server move. Or MySQL has been upgraded and necessary table upgrades have been forgotten/not finished properly. A power outage would also be an explanation.

You can try to run CHECK TABLE on the page table; I expect that this comes back with a useful error message., 31 January 2015

You might want to use

mysqlcheck db_name

from the PuTTY shell (replacing db_name with your database's name) in order to have all of your tables checked in one go. That will show you, i other tables are affected as well., 31 January 2015

I just tried mysqlcheck db_name but I get an error message ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'mysqlcheck db_name' at line 1, 1 February 2015

How to Import Large mediawiki xml Dumps into my existing wiki?

I have Several xml dumps. For example: text-dump-1.xml - 200mb text-dump-2.xml -222mb

Each of them are 200+ MBs and i wanna import all of them on my existing mediawiki database without deleting any of its contents. I'm new to mediawiki and i wanna know how can i do that?

Arijit Dey (talk)18:55, 31 January 2015

[RESOLVED] Errors when using GD image library

I'm seeing blank pages when I attempt to use GD as the image library as opposed to ImageMagick.

I've got an old MediaWiki site that I've just upgraded from version 1.8.2 to 1.24.0. I also installed a completely fresh copy of 1.24.0 onto the same server. When I set them both to use ImageMagick I receive errors about proc_open being disabled at the top of the page and, although pages will load, the images won't and instead say:

Error creating thumbnail: Unable to run external programs, proc_open() is disabled.
Error code: 1

Essentially my host has disabled proc_open for security.

So I try to use GD instead. The fresh installation lets me upload new images and add them to pages, then it creates the thumbnails as it should. All works fine with GD. The upgraded site, however, just goes to a blank page after pressing the upload button. It also shows a blank page on several pages that have images (ie the same pages that would have the above error if using ImageMagick), eg Gallery of new images, and File list.

It appears that I can't use ImageMagick due to proc_open being disabled. But does anyone know why GD would work fine on one installation but not on another?

The errors that appear when loading those blank pages look like: PasteBin

I'm using:

  • PHP: 5.3.29
  • MySQL: 5.6.22
  • MW: 1.24.0


Chris huh (talk)16:49, 28 January 2015

If you have both 1.24, the problem may be one setting in LocalSettings.php causing an error, or if you forgot to run the upgrade script on the migrated database.

It's strange that the debug log stops at that line. That may indicate a fatal PHP error or, in the worst case, a segfault. Note that PHP fatal errors aren't logged in the debug log, you should enable the display of PHP errors (see Manual:How_to_debug) or look at the error log of the webserver.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:57, 29 January 2015

I've turned on PHP debugging via the LocalSettings.php option. Where would it display any PHP errors? In the page itself or in a log? I don't see any errors on neither the page nor in the log file.

I will have to look through my LocalSettings.php to see if there is anything that could be causing it. Thanks

Chris huh (talk)17:11, 29 January 2015

Read the section PHP errors on that page.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)20:46, 29 January 2015

Oh yeah, it says it right there. My bad. I'm not seeing any errors on the page so i guess it's one of those fatal PHP errors that occurs before the system can get to that line of code. I'll try looking at the LocalSettings.php.


Chris huh (talk)11:13, 30 January 2015

I'm not sure what it was in the LocalSettings but by using the fresh installation's copy I got it working.


Chris huh (talk)10:54, 31 January 2015

Including the reproduction license in the search

Is there a way to limit a search to only pictures carrying a certain license? E.g., At my publication I'm not allowed to use pictures under the ShareAlike license, but only those licensed "CC BY" or "CC BY-ND."

It would save a lot of time if I could run a search that only produced pictures with these license-types., 31 January 2015

Database query error

Not sure if anyone have had this problem before. My wiki page have working normal up until a couple of days ago. When I try to access my site, I get the following

A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software.

Query: SELECT page_title FROM `page` WHERE page_is_redirect = '0' AND page_namespace = '8' AND (page_title NOT LIKE '%/%' ) AND (page_len > 10000) Function: MessageCache::loadFromDB(en)-big Error: 1146 Table '' doesn't exist (mysqlhost3)

What's strange is when I try show the tables using putty, it shows that I have a table called page. But when I used the command to select * from page, it says the table does not exist.

Has anyone had this problem before? If so, how did you fix it?

littledevils32603:25, 31 January 2015

MediaWiki revisions blank?

I'm working with a mediawiki that apparently got pretty spammed up. The current installation is not working at all. I downloaded a copy of the latest mediawiki, and imported the entire database. I ran the updater script. Now all the pages are restored however it seems like the last couple of revisions are blank. So almost all of the pages are blank unless they only had one revision....

Any ideas?, 30 January 2015

Can you explain the problem in more detail?

I assume that before you did the recent upgrade, you used MediaWiki 1.5 or newer. If so, then I have the following questions:

When you look at a page, the page table inside th DB is used to get a revision number for that page. Next the revision table is queried for exactly this revision and in this process an old_id is obtained. Finally this value is used to get the according text from the table text.

So do you have a corrupted revision table (which does not point to an existing entry in the text table)?

Or are the entries in the text table actually present (old_id does exist), but the according text is empty? In this case: Is it possible that a user has just deleted the text through MediaWiki and saved an epty page instead? IIrc you can see the size differences when you compare the according fields in the revision table., 30 January 2015

[Solved] Migrate nginx error 404

Edited by another user.
Last edit: 10:29, 19 January 2015


i have dump sql and import to new server.

New server: nginx -v (with fcgiwrap)

  • nginx version: nginx/1.6.2

php -v

  • PHP 5.4.36-1~dotdeb.1 (cli) (built: Dec 19 2014 23:01:37)
  • Zend Engine v2.4.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2014 Zend Technologies

mysql -V

  • mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.40, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 6.2

LocalSettings.php (old):

   ##$wgScriptPath = "/wiki";
   $wgScriptExtension = ".php";
   $wgArticlePath = "$wgScriptPath/$1";
   $wgUsePathInfo = true;
   ## The protocol and server name to use in fully-qualified URLs
   $wgServer = "";

LocalSettings.php (new):

   $wgScriptPath = "";
   $wgScriptExtension = ".php";
   $wgArticlePath = "$1";
   $wgUsePathInfo = true;
   ## The protocol and server name to use in fully-qualified URLs
   $wgServer = "http://ip_vps";

I have tested multiple configuration but same...


    server {
        listen 80;
        root /usr/share/nginx/html/wiki;
        index index.html index.htm index.php;
        # Make site accessible from http://localhost/
        server_name localhost;
        #error_page 404 /404.html;
        #error_page 500 502 503 504 /50x.html;
        #location = /50x.html {
        #       root /usr/share/nginx/html;
        # Here, multiple test and same results...
        location /wiki/ {
                #try_files $uri $uri/ @rewrite;
                #try_files $uri $uri/ @wiki;
                try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;
        # Don't log robots.txt or favicon.ico files
        location = /favicon.ico { log_not_found off; access_log off; }
        location = /robots.txt  { allow all; access_log off; log_not_found off; }
        location ~ \.php$ {
                fastcgi_split_path_info ^(.+\.php)(/.+)$;
#               fastcgi_intercept_errors on;
#               try_files $uri = 404;
                fastcgi_param  SCRIPT_FILENAME $document_root$fastcgi_script_name;
                fastcgi_index index.php;
                include fastcgi_params;
        location ~ /\.ht {
                deny all;
        location @rewrite {
                rewrite ^/(.*)$ /index.php?title=$1&$args;
        location /maintenance/ {
                return 403;
        location ~* \.(js|css|png|jpg|jpeg|gif|ico)$ {
                try_files $uri /index.php;
                expires max;
                log_not_found off;
        location = /_.gif {
                expires max;
        location ^~ /cache/ {
                deny all;
        location /dumps {
                root /usr/share/nginx/html/wiki/local;
                autoindex on;

what is wrong please?


Owned67 (talk)17:10, 17 January 2015

$wgArticlePath should probably be "/wiki/$1".

You should also try the configuration provided by

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:35, 19 January 2015

Thanks, solved

Owned67 (talk)18:54, 30 January 2015

ExtDev : Which hooks to page pre-rendering ?

Hi all,

I'm currently developping an extension for mediawiki and need your help please. I tried few things by my own and search around a bit but I didn't find anything about my issue.

My problem is the following : I try to add dynamic content at beginning of some pages (based on some database extended informations). Currently, I use the "onArticleAfterFetchContentObject" hook in order to add my dynamic content before any parser (it's important because my dynamic content contains wikitext !). It works great, except one thing : after editing an article, user is redirected to the article without calling "onArticleAfterFetchContentObject". This makes sense, because content doesn't need to be reloaded from database after an edit, but this causes my dynamic content isn't added to the page unless someone purge it...

Now, I'm not sure about what I should do to solve this issue. Should I try to force purge after each edit ? How ? Should I try to add my dynamic content after an edit too ? How ? Should I try to find another hook to add my dynamic content and manually apply parser on it ? How ? (dynamic content only contains basic wikitext like bold and italic)

I want to precise that storing this dynamic content into a magic word into the article is not feasible. And by the way, I found it strange that even if "onArticleAfterFetchContentObject" hook is called where user is on edit.php, added dynamic content isn't shown in html textarea, but I didn't investiguate on it.

Thanks and sorry for my awkward english.

Kallys (talk)15:43, 30 January 2015

Tick "Ignore any warnings" by default

Heiya, is there a setting/way to tick "Ignore any warnings" situated in the "Upload Options" section on "Special:Upload" by default for all users. Thanks and cheers

[[kgh]] (talk)15:26, 30 January 2015

I opened LocalSettings.php using notepad and saved it

Now the wiki's broken. How can I revert it?

Sandvich18 (talk)09:46, 29 January 2015

Will opening it in Notepad++ and saving it in UTF-8 without BOM work?

Sandvich18 (talk)10:14, 29 January 2015

See Manual:LocalSettings.php! Yes, saving the file in UTF- without BOM will ix the wrong ncoding again., 29 January 2015

Thanks :)

Sandvich18 (talk)13:44, 30 January 2015

#1050 - Table 'calendar' already exists

SQL query:

-- -- Database: `iwpa03` -- -- -------------------------------------------------------- -- -- Table structure for table `calendar` -- CREATE TABLE `calendar` (

`parent_id` INT( 11 ) DEFAULT  '0',
`owner_id` INT( 11 ) DEFAULT NULL ,
`project_id` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL ,
`title` VARCHAR( 255 ) DEFAULT NULL ,
`place` VARCHAR( 255 ) DEFAULT NULL ,
`notes` TEXT,
`start_datetime` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL ,
`end_datetime` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL ,
`status` INT( 1 ) DEFAULT  '0',
`rrule` TEXT,
`visibility` INT( 1 ) DEFAULT  '0',
`participant_id` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL ,


MySQL said:

  1. 1050 - Table 'calendar' already exists

This is what i am getting when i want to inject the datebase to my other mediawiki installation, 14 June 2013

If you want to replace the table "calendar" with another one, you should delete the old table before. (Another solution would be to make sure that the DB dump, which you want to import, contains "DROP IF EXISTS" statements for each table. They will prevent this error as well)., 14 June 2013

Hello i tried to insert DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `calendar` for each table is this the correct syntax if so i am getting error like this Error SQL query:


MySQL said:

  1. 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Rar!��' at line 1, 14 June 2013

Just go to the DB, in which you want to replace the table, delete it and import it again. As simple as that., 14 June 2013

How to edit the table i am new to mysql please, 15 June 2013

Use a tool like PHPMyAdmin. It has a graphical user interface and is really easy to use.

On the command line things become way more complicated (at least for unexperienced users like you):

You will have to log in, select the database and drop the table, e.g. with something like this:

mysql -u my-mysql-username -pmy-mysql-password
use my-database-name
DROP TABLE `calender`;

where you have to replace everything starting with "my-" with your actual names., 15 June 2013

Possible bug in DatabasePostgres.php

With this commit the new setting "standard_conforming_strings" was added:

Some of my users (MediaWiki 1.19, PHP 5.2.5, PostgreSQL 8.4.1) has not enough rights to change this setting:

I suggest to check first if the necessary rights are available. If this is not possible (sorry I'm not a PostgrSQL user) there should be check at least a check if the setting is necessary. By PostgrSQL 9.1 the default is "ON". So there is not need to check. Lower versions could be checked through the following query:

SHOW standard_conforming_strings;
Marc Gutt (talk)17:49, 29 January 2015

You should report a bug, assuming this is still a problem in recent versions of MediaWiki. Note that MediaWiki 1.19 will end its support soon.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:30, 30 January 2015

Add a dialect

A thread, Thread:Project:Support desk/Add a dialect, was moved from here to Extension talk:Translate. This move was made by Ciencia Al Poder (talk | contribs) on 30 January 2015 at 10:40.
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