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Manual on MediaWiki Tools
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Release status: stable
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Implementation API , Database

Latest version 3.10.19 (2020-12-13)
PHP 7.2
License GPL-3.0+
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Example https://xtools.wmflabs.org
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XTools is a suite of statistics tools for MediaWiki wikis, users, pages, and more. The Wikimedia installation can be found at xtools.wmflabs.org.

For more information, see the XTools manual at xtools.readthedocs.org/. Specifically, end-user documentation on the available tools is at xtools.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tools/.

For developer information about the XTools installation within Wikimedia, see Wikitech:Tool:XTools.

ArticleInfo gadget[edit]

Source: XTools/ArticleInfo.js, adapted from meta:User:Hedonil/XTools

An on-wiki gadget is available that will quickly show you statistics about a page in real-time. It works on all skins, wikis, and will be localized to the wiki's language. These statistics are shown just below the page header. Example:

The XTools ArticleInfo gadget, as seen when viewing the English Wikipedia article on Jimmy Wales.

The available statistics, from left to right:

  • Quality assessment icon, if possible. Only available in specific projects.
  • Number of revisions.
  • Date the page was created, linking to the initial revision.
  • Time since the last edit, linking to the diff.
  • Number of editors to the page.
  • Number of page watchers. If this is not shown, there are less than 30 watchers.
  • Number of pageviews in the past 30 days, linking to Pageviews Analysis.
  • Editor who created the page, and their edit count (linking to their contributions).
  • Link to view full page statistics in XTools.

Installation on Wikimedia wikis[edit]

On some wikis this tool may be available in your gadget preferences.

If it is not, you can install the gadget globally by browsing to meta:Special:MyPage/global.js and adding the following code to the end, on a new line:


Alternatively, you can install the script on a single wiki by browsing to Special:MyPage/common.js (on the desired wiki) and pasting in the same code above.