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This page is a feedback forum for XTools. For reporting bugs, it's preferred that you use Phabricator.

If the issue is urgent and you're unable to use Phabricator, feel free to ping one of the active maintainers.

Summary by MusikAnimal

Fixed! WMF migration complete and XTools was updated accordingly

Kosack (talkcontribs)

Hi, the tool seems to be counting more edits as being without edit summaries all of a sudden. Could you tell me what edits are now being counted as without? Is it starting new pages or use of a tool like twinkle perhaps?

MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

It's due to a WMF database migration. All summaries should return in a few days (hopefully). I'm putting up a disclaimer in the XTools interface, and will look into an interim solution until WMF is done with the migration. You can follow updates at phab:T189234.

Mz7 (talkcontribs)

I noticed that the CheckUser group isn't shown in the "User groups" column of admin stats. I was wondering whether there was a reason for this. Seems relevant to include, especially if we're looking for active checkusers on other projects, for example.

MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

It's supposed to show it but this must have broken when we reworked that tool a while back. Filed a task at phab:T213119

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Thewolfchild (talkcontribs)

Recently (I'm not sure how long ago) it seems there were some changes. The headings are now defaulted to the right, and their content to left (but lower), which makes it awkward looking, and not as easy to follow. Also, what happened to the edit summary chart? Not that it was all that accurate, but please tell me it's coming back soon, after there has been an update to improve accuracy (and by then the headings will be fixed). Thanks

MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

Sorry for the long response...

The headings are now defaulted to the right, and their content to left (but lower)I'm not sure what you mean. The headings always encompassed the width of the content, and the label is centered. What changed here is new headings were added for "Basic information" and "Edits (live)". We did this because we removed some statistics from the Edit Counter, so things were moved around to make use of the available space on the page. If you have any ideas on how to reorganize it and make it look nice, please share :)

For edit summaries: The WMF database that stores summaries was recently redone. Now all summaries (edits, log entries, etc.) live in a different database table. It's too slow to query these alongside all the other expensive queries that the Edit Counter runs, so instead we're showing links (see bottom of the "Edits (live)" section) to the dedicated tools to get this data: Edit Summaries and Automated Edits (which uses the summaries table).

But, you are right -- the summary stats we used to show in the Edit Counter weren't precise. They just checked where the summary was blank or non-blank, and didn't account for automated edit summaries like /* Section */. This was for performance. Enter the Edit Summaries tool, which will account for automated edit summaries, giving you what should be 100% accurate results :)

Hope this helps

Thewolfchild (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the reply. Would it help if I sent you a screen cap showing the layout of the page (that I'm seeing) and the placement of the headings? Thank again

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Draceane (talkcontribs)

There is color inconsistency in articleinfo. While in the Year counts, IPs are red and minor edits are green, in the Month counts, the colors are assigned conversely (green IPs and red minor edits). It's confusing a bit.

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Summary by MusikAnimal

Fixed! The summaries should all be there now

RHcosm (talkcontribs)

Since few days this tool shows all semi automated edits as no summary edits. If the counting system is not changed please solve this problem.

MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

It's due to a WMF database migration. All summaries should return in a few days (hopefully). I'm putting up a disclaimer in the XTools interface, and will look into an interim solution until WMF is done with the migration. You can follow updates at phab:T189234.


Summary by MusikAnimal

This appears to have been fixed.

Where was I last night? (talkcontribs)

Hi, the gadget displays "mw-classes/LanguageConverter.php" at zh language, but it works fine at zh-Hans or zh-Hant. It can be solved by fallback zh to zh-Hans (or zh-Hant), but how to do it?

Gwillhickers (talkcontribs)

What happened to the previous edit counter and pie chart? With all due respect, the new 'system' looks like someone's overly involved science project. Are all these new features, graphs, charts, mini-pie charts, etc, etc really necessary? Who really needs all of these features? Besides that, the new edit counter takes -very- long to come up. Is there a way to go back to the previous edit counter?

MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

I think you're talking about how the Supercount tool now redirects to XTools. That was done by @Cyberpower678. I will say that soon, XTools will allow you to specify which sections you want to see. With that, you could hide the "Timecard", "Top edited pages", etc., and effectively get only the information Supercount provided.

MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

@Gwillhickers A new version of XTools has been released that allows you to select which stats you want to see in the Edit Counter. If you want it to match Supercount, I think that would include "general stats", "namespace totals", "year counts" and "month counts". You can generate links using the form at So for instance, a link for Gwillhickers could be constructed like this:

@Cyberpower678 I don't know if you want the Supercount redirect to just show these sections, but it's now an option.

Cyberpower678 (talkcontribs)

@MusikAnimal If you can pickup referers, you can certainly make it a default option if you detect that the user just got redirected from Supercount. But Supercount is old, insecure and vulnerable. For now it will exist to redirect to a properly developed tool.

Summary by MusikAnimal

Feature has been deployed

Mtminchi08 (talkcontribs)

The "Top edits per namespace" only displays the top 100 pages which I have edited in the Main space. Previously, I was able to see a display of all the pages to which I had made at least one edit. Is there any way to expand the current display to more than 100 pages? I found it quite useful to track my total edits in a single place rather than having to look at the Revision history statistics on a page-by-page basis.

MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

We can't list all results, unconditionally, as their could be tens of thousands for some users. But we could limit it to 1,000 results and let you use pagination to see the rest. I've created phab:T199765.

Mtminchi08 (talkcontribs)

Thank you. That would be really helpful.

Mtminchi08 (talkcontribs)

Following up on last month's discussion...when will this be available for public use?

MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

It's on the radar :) I expect to get around to this maybe within the coming week. You can follow phab:T199765 for updates

MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

This feature has been deployed. Thanks for the patience!

Browsable Latest global edits: jump

Mik (talkcontribs)

First of all, thank you for implementing this feature. However it is missing one thing: it should be possible to jump to a specific date or page or edit# (whichever is simpler to implement). It could be even a parameter in URL. Browsing thousands of edits page by page is not very convenient.

Mik (talkcontribs)

Related thing: After getting the following error:

Error querying Latest global edits API: timeout

reloading will lead to the first page. It should retry to generate the same page that was last displayed. This again speaks for a URL parameter.

MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

Yes the API timeout is shorter than the database query timeout, so sometimes you can hit refresh and it will show up. That much I can certainly fix.

There is a hidden feature for pagination. On the dedicated ec-latestglobal page, you can add a /50 for instance to the end of the URL to offset the results by 50. For example: We should make the URL update itself whenever you paginate through the results, so that this feature will be more obvious.

I would like to implement date filtering, too. I think that would be very helpful. We do this for about half of the tools (Page History, Automated Edits, etc.), so we should do the same for the Edit Counter to be consistent. This would also be a way to speed up the processing time. I have created phab:T202552.

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Mik (talkcontribs)

The colors of namespaces in the charts and graphs could relate to each other in the following pairs:

Main Talk
User User talk
Wikipedia Wikipedia talk
Template Template talk
File File talk
Book Book talk
Category Category talk
Help Help talk
Portal Portal talk
... ... talk

Eg. the color of talk namespace could be the same hue and saturation but lighter than the related non-talk namespace color.

MusikAnimal (talkcontribs)

I'm fairly apprehensive about changing the namespace colours. The old XTools and Supercount (now retired) used the same, so there's sort of an established, long-standing norm. I think the current colours were chosen such that if you listed each namespace in sequence (main, talk, user, user talk, ...) they won't clash.

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