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Wikimedia Research/Design Research/Team Skills Matrix

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The Design Research team skill matrix is an attempt to identify (and subsequently address) bus-factor problems within the team. It comes from the example set by the Release Engineering skill matrix, which came out of their May 2015 team offsite before the Wikimedia Hackathon in France.

The skill matrix is to be updated roughly once per quarter (usually at the cross-over between quarters). Below is the latest revision of the skill matrix.

Q1, FY 2016 - 2017[edit]

On a scale of 1-5 where 1 means "no idea" and 5 means "expert", rate your knowledge of the below skills.

Generative Design Research Methods Evaluative Design Research Methods Communication Tools Add More as Needed (make second table for more to fit on page)
Contextual Inquiry Etc
Abbey use stars to fill in --> 5/5 stars
JMo here are some empty stars --> 1/5 stars