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Wikimedia Research/Design Research/Contributors Team UX Research/2017.03-05 Content Translation and Templates Hybrid Testing

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Content Translation and Templates Hybrid testing

Daisy Chen


The Language team has recently brought template support to Content Translation. We’d like to explore how the existing support is going, where there are still gaps, etc. In this process, we’d like to review users’ current experience utilizing the Content Translation tool to identify any potential improvements that could make the experience more intuitive, supportive and seamless.

Research Questions[edit]

  • How is template support manifesting in Content Translators’ day-to-day use?
  • What elements of template support are still problematic or insufficient?
    • What do users recommend to improve the above?
  • Within the translation tool/workflow, what other bugs or usability issues/gaps exist for users?
    • Do users subconsciously work around these issues, or are they actively aware of them? If latter, what suggestions do they have to improve the issues?


  • Participant recruiting
    • 5 participants
  • Youtube Live / Google Hangout on Air sessions
  • Test environment: live content translation tool


Current Wikipedia editors using the content translation tool


  • How long have you been editing on Wikipedia?
  • How did you initially learn about Content Translation?
  • Let’s pretend that I’m not even here right now. Please go to the content translation tool as you normally would, and either work on an existing project you’ve started or start a new translation, or both… whatever you so choose. I will occasionally interject if I have a specific question, but I will be mostly observing during this time. However, on your end, please feel free to do what you would normally do within the content translation tool, and to please narrate your thought process as you work, as much as what feels natural to you.
  • Now, let’s explore the [‘cupcake’, ‘elephant’, and/or ‘Eiffel Tower’] page[s]. What would you do next with this page on the tool?
    • How would you use the tool to translate [indicate section of text that is a template]?
      • Repeat with a couple different templates sections and note if it is malfunctioning, nonexistent, etc.
  • What do you think about those sections?

To conclude

  • What did you think of your experience editing using the Content Translation tool today?
  • What do you like most about working with the tool? What do you dislike the most?
    • Is there anything you can think of that you would change to improve your or your peers’ experiences using this tool?
    • What do you wish you could do using this tool that you can’t do currently?
    • Are there any actions or workflows you go through that you feel are repetitive?
  • How often do you edit using Content Translation?
  • What [if any] types of templates have you edited with the tool? Have you seen sections similar to those you worked with in the second portion of our exercise?
  • How did you feel about editing them today?
  • Again, is there anything that you think can be improved or clarified IRT templates? Are there any templates that you would like support for?


Presentation of findings.