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This page contains updates on local development environment projects.

How to get involved[edit]

We welcome your thoughts and contributions! If you have comments or ideas to share, please use this project's talk page.

Project updates[edit]

Update 2021-01-26: [MediaWiki-Docker] Split PHP-FPM and Apache containers[edit]

  • New PHP and Apache images were published from dev-images
  • docker-compose.yml and were updated accordingly in core
  • Upgraded to Xdebug 3.x

Update 2020-12-03: [MediaWiki-Docker] mw docker cli additions[edit]

  • Docker-compose exec feature was added to the mw docker cli (phab:T262370)
  • Error handling for the mw docker cli was updated so that errors will always be displayed. Verbosity levels were reduced to 2.

Update 2020-10-02: [MediaWiki-Docker] Support for rest.php and VisualEditor[edit]

  • The MediaWiki-Docker working directory was changed to support using rest.php (phab:T261051)
  • The apache config for the MediaWiki base image was updated to support loading pages with slashes in the title in visual editor (phab:T262392)

Update 2020-09-28: Verbosity levels added to mw docker cli commands[edit]

  • 3 levels of verbosity were added to the mw docker cli commands so that users can choose how much information they would like to be provided by the cli