Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Goals/201617Q1


All tracked in: #releng-201617-q1 - More details at Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Goals/201617Q1

Objective Key result Dependency Team members ETA Status KPI (if applicable)
Phase out Ubuntu Precise
  • N Not done - Replace primary production Continuous Integration host (gallium) - task T95757
  • Yes Done - Upgrade Phabricator database servers to Maria10/Jessie - task T138460
  • Yes Done - Upgrade Beta Cluster database servers to Maria10/Jessie - task T138778
  • Yes Done - Move Gerrit off of ytterbium - task T125018
  • Operations
  • Gallium
    • Lead: Antoine
    • Tyler
    • Zeljko
  • Phabricator
    • Lead: Mukunda
  • Beta Cluster
    • Lead: Dan
    • Mukunda
  • Gerrit
    • Lead: Chad
EOQ Incomplete Partially done Three fewer production Ubuntu Precise production machines (and two fewer Beta Cluster hosts).
Reduce Technical Debt
  • Perform a technical debt analysis of software and services maintained by WMF Release Engineering - task T138225
  • None
  • Lead: Greg
  • Everyone
EOQ Yes Done By the end of Q1 WMF Release Engineering will have a prioritized list of technical debt work that should be done. This will allow us to prioritize this work accordingly alongside our other user-requested work in the future.
Streamline deployments

(Train 2.0)

Stretch goal
  • Convert our production deployment strategy to use long-lived branches - task T89945
  • TechOps for any needed caching changes.
  • MediaWiki expertise for the needed changes to MW internals.
  • Lead: Mukunda
  • Chad
  • Tyler
EOQ N Not done By the end of Q1 deployments will be made from long-lived branches versus week-specific ones.