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The purpose of this project is to analyze the software and services (broadly defined, with a focus on software) for technical debt in a holistic fashion.




Perform the analysis in Q1 of FY201617 (eg: July 1st through Sept 30th, 2016).



  • Software maintained by Wikimedia Release Engineering will be improved with focus on maintainability, thus reducing on-going maintenance costs in the future, thus reducing costs and/or freeing up resources to address other needs.
  • Services that are maintained by Wikimedia Release Engineering will be better supported and/or more streamlined.


  • (Along with all community developers) WMF developers should experience fewer outages associated with services/software that Wikimedia Release Engineering maintains.
  • The Release Engineering team will be better able to take on other projects and/or address other technical debt in the future which will provide better service over all to other WMF staff members.


Spreadsheet of the analysis

Take aways/areas to address first[edit]

  1. Continuous Integration/Nodepool
  2. "Release tooling" (which includes "MW 3rd party releases", "l10nupdate", and will probably include any "swat deploy tooling" to address process tech debt)

These two items are the two main goals Wikimedia Release Engineering will be focusing on in FY201617-Q2.